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Is it safe to have fillers for aesthetic purposes?

It is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic processes all over the world. And this number is increasing every year. We call the aesthetic-targeted filling process, especially in the face area, in areas such as the lips and cheeks, where the areas with structural or age deficiencies are injected with various materials with the help of various instruments such as needles or cannulas. It can be done quickly with local anesthesia, mostly in office rules. It is the most attractive feature of being able to continue the normal life with a little swelling the next day when it is done according to the appropriate rules. The quick results after the application make people very happy.

When we look at the filling materials, we come across many kinds of works that can be taken ready-made or taken from the person’s own body and applied. Some of these are permanent, some are partially permanent, and some are dissolving over time. The most commonly used filling material is preparations containing hyaluronic acid. In addition, the fat graft taken from the person’s own body, undergoing various processes is another favorite procedure. Fat graft application remains in the second plan because it is a little more troublesome.

Interestingly, while some individuals who apply to my polyclinic for surgery can be pleasant only with filling application, it is not possible to get a pleasant result without surgery for some individuals applying for filling application. Therefore, the choice of the true person is valuable, as in every process. For example, after a 5-minute filling process applied to a patient with a thin and deflated upper lip, the result can be very satisfying.

There are 3 security points for this process.
It should be done by experts and experienced individuals. Well, who are they? It should be done by physicians who are experts in plastic surgery and dermatology. The directive of the Ministry of Health is on this side. At the moment, even the hairdressers do this process, let alone the general practitioners who do not have expertise in our country. We are dealing with correcting many wrong processes.
It is valuable to add the truth filling element to the real area. There are many filler brands, especially hyaluronic acid content. These filler elements have different physical properties for different areas of the face. If we make the wrong filling in the wrong place, we may encounter permanent problems such as clumping, granuloma formation, chronic edema, and this filling job can turn from pleasure into a disaster. In terms of disease transmission, it is especially valuable to stay away from animal-derived fillings.

Is the filler brand valuable? Fillers that have proven themselves and do not cause major problems after long-term use should be used. Of course, these types of fillings are somewhat valuable. Definitely ask to be informed about the filler brand and features used during this process.

Should I have permanent or melting filling? Until now, a permanent filling that has proven itself and did not cause problems has not been produced. Therefore, it is safer to use melting fillings. There are permanent fillings made today, but problems are more likely to occur, especially in superficial applications.

As a result, if we pay attention to what I have explained above, filling is a pleasant and reliable process that can be applied easily, does not cause loss of workforce.

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