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Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Possible?

One of the frequently asked questions lately is, is non-surgical rhinoplasty possible?

Rhinoplasty, literally, is the correction of the deformity of the nose by surgical intervention. Rhinoplasty we planned according to the patient’s facial borders; It is a permanent intervention that restores bone, cartilage, soft tissue and skin. From this point of view, non-surgical rhinoplasty is not possible according to scientific criteria.

With the latest developments in the field of aesthetic surgery, minor, non-permanent changes can be made in the nose structure with filling issues. How valid and safe these formulas are is still a matter of debate. These methods, which offer discontinuous correction assays, may not be suitable for all nasal structures. For example, it is not possible to eliminate anatomical problems such as septum curvatures that cause breathing problems with nasal filling. A person can reach a permanent analysis only with rhinoplasty surgery. In this regard, it is important for the patient to decide what he wants and act consciously… Although patients who are afraid of surgery may wonder about this method, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is not possible to bring a permanent structural analysis. Patients can overcome these concerns only by trusting their physicians and having knowledge about the surgery. Arguing that non-surgical rhinoplasty is possible due to commercial rush, ignoring scientific criteria, is also unconventional to medical ethics.

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