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(It is the most pleasant gift a person can make for himself)

Micropigmentation or long-term cosmetic therapy is the technical art of transferring color to the skin or the second layer of skin with special tools.

It is the art of placing natural pigments on the skin of colors.

It is obtained from the perfect combination of completely natural mineral pigment colors. It has no side effects.

It is the process of injecting natural and mineral colors under the skin surface quickly with sterile and disposable needles. After the process is completed, the epidermis cells die and are renewed.

This application, which is described as the make-up of the future, is preferred by models, actors or celebrities working in shows.

One of its biggest advantages is that it eliminates problems such as make-up renewal and renewal, and it saves time and money.

Most Common Micropigmentation Procedures

The most common micropigmentation processes in recent times include brow lift, lash lines, lip lines, breast simulation, and wound camouflage.

After 1985’s, micropigmentation started to attract more attention between men and women.

The permanent make-up process should be done in accordance with the make-up techniques around the eyelids, eyebrows and lips. It is valuable to decide on the thickness of the color pigment.

In addition to being a make-up artist, medical professionals must identify the appropriate color pigments to go with their clients’ hair, skin, and eye color.

The pigmentation effect remains visible for approximately 3 to 5 years and does not disappear suddenly and fades over the years.

If we want it to be constantly alive, a single touch up can be done every 2 years.

Allergy sufferers benefit very smoothly from micropigmentation. Women who suffer from allergies more than once have itchy, teary eyes. With this process, the whole disappears.

It is possible to do this quickly with classical make-up. Since micro-pigments are natural and water-based in permanent make-up, the skin also provides a natural appearance.

It is very valuable that the device on which permanent make-up is applied is professional. The color is more matte and the appearance is natural, we can simply get the color we want.

It is very valuable that the device on which permanent make-up is applied is professional.

Permanent make-up The technical features of the device greatly affect the result and durability of the contour.

An adequate local anesthetic applied on and under the eyelid and around the lip is to prevent the person from feeling pain.



  • Camouflage of vitiligo areas
  • Camouflage of scars and burns
  • Camouflage of cleft lip scars
  • Camouflage of surgical scars
  • Mastectomy patients (operation related to the removal of the lady’s breast)
  • Nipple-Areola: chest simulation Nipple study.
  • Camouflage of regional hair loss areas on the scalp
  • Making a belly in individuals without a belly
  • Birthmark


  • eyebrow drawing
  • Eyeliner (eyelid contour drawing)
  • Eyelash tightening. Eyelash drawing.
  • Lipliner (lip contour drawing)
  • Lip shading and coloring
  • permanent me
  • Cosmetic fixes and secondary actions
  • Those who do not like the shape and color of the lips
  • athletes
  • allergy sufferers
  • Persons with visual or manual dexterity
  • Those who love their comfort
  • People whose lip color is lost with aging
  • Contact lens wearers are also good candidates for micropigmentation. Wearing or removing the lens spoils the daily makeup and also irritates the eyes.
  • Ladies with oily skin are also candidates for micropigmentation.


Eyebrows: Micropigmentation is used cosmetically to recreate or fill in the eyebrow area.

The color element is chosen according to the hair color and skin tone of the person in the eyebrow area. Eyebrow is an element that gives expression to the face. A positive eyebrow structure both reduces the age of the individual and clarifies the expression and gives vitality to the face.

Permanent make-up eyebrow application; If a person’s eyebrows are shed or thinned for a random reason, any situation that cannot be done with ordinary eyebrow removal is possible in permanent make-up. it is completely removed. In order to obtain a completely natural view in the eyebrow application. In the form of KIL, the application we call drawings and FOG work is carried out.

For the selection of the right color issue, the eyelashes, pupils, hair follicles and iris are examined and the decision is made by looking at the color.


  • Persons who do not have eyebrows due to a medical problem,
  • People with sparse or half eyebrows
  • Those who want to have more curved eyebrows
  • Those who want to emphasize their eyebrows
  • Those who have problems in plucking and shaping their eyebrows
  • Permanent make-up is effective in the applications on the outer lines as well as in the areas to be filled.


With permanent make-up eyeliner application;

  • Eyes whose small sight is disturbing can be made larger,
  • Eyes with a very large image can be made more slanted and smaller,
  • It can always be made in women who fail in the application of erasable eyeliner,
  • Your eyes, which you think are unpretentious, can be made more quick and attractive,
  • Eyes that are thought to be very close are shown more apart.
  • For the selection of the right color issue, the eyelashes, pupils, hair follicles and iris are examined and the color is decided.
  • Eye work is the application that maintains the longest duration in permanent make-up.
  • There are many color options for eye work. Application areas:
  • Those who have lost their eyelashes due to a medical problem,
  • Persons with extremely sensitive eyes
  • contact lens wearers,
  • Those with visual limitations
  • Those who are allergic to cosmetics,
  • Those with trembling or arthritic hands
  • athletes,
  • Those who want optical correction.

LASH LINER OPERATION ( Bristle Study for Eyelash Production)

The most necessary micropigmentation application is the permanent lash line process. The steps of the process carried out by specially trained experts are as follows:

• A few drops of tropical anesthetic are instilled in both eyes.

• Local anesthesia is applied into the lower eyelid.

• Antibiotic ointment is applied to the eyelashes to protect the eyelashes. A small module of ointment is applied to the Jaeger eyelid plate, and this abuts the lower eyelid throughout the process.

• The eyelid margins and lashes are marked for color consideration placement. Tri-prong needle is mostly used for lash line. A single needle is used when the patient needs a very light lash line. First, central and medical scars are identified and small spots of pigments are copied to this area. Additional points are medically and centrally added to the middle of the beginnings of the points. Another point is placed on the side of the lash line. These points are worked by placing them from the side. The points are put in frequent form without exaggerating too much. During the process, the eyelid plate should be carried and the eyelid tested. The one-to-one process is repeated for the opposite eyelid as well.

• After the lower eyelid is completed, the upper eyelid is anesthetized. Many women need heavier pigments for the upper eyelid, especially on the side of the upper eyelid. The pigment line of the upper eyelid is produced by a single row of pigment dots in a large number of eyelashes. In order to achieve a thick line formation, two or more applications should be made.

• After the micropigmentation process is completed, antibiotic ointment is applied to the pigmented area and the pigment in the eye is cleaned. The patient tries to protect himself from eyelid akinesia by producing artificial tears.


• Thin lips can be shown fuller quickly. Very full lips can be shown smaller.

• Colorless lips are colored and reflect color to the whole face.

• Lips that have suffered various accidents can also be brought back to their usual image.

• Color selection is usually darker than its natural color, or close to its own color.

• Generally, if the color selection is based on the skin color of the person, the result will be natural. Nipple-Areola: Micropigmentation, cosmetically effective

• To give a natural and more lively look to the lips, whose natural lip pigment is pale and unknown,

• It can be applied to camouflage the herpes and scars on the lips.

• Only lip coloring is done without framing.

• Lip colors are endless and can be in line with the color or wishes that will go to the skin of the person.

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