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Let your body breathe with PRP treatment

Our body is always healing itself. Miraculous proteins found in coagulation cells in our blood
They help repair our tissues.

What is PRP Treatment?
There are 150-400 thousand coagulation cells in 1 milliliter of our blood. The blood taken from the patient goes through a team weighting, concentrating process.
It becomes wealthy blood from the coagulation cell. The resulting work is called “PRP”. There should be at least more than 1 million coagulation cells per milliliter of a suitable PRP.

In which situations is PRP treatment used?

As a result of wear and tear on the joints over time, the cartilage tissue wears out and friction increases. Joints begin to make noise, swell, ache, and our movements begin to
is increasingly restricted. This picture is called calcification (arthrosis).

PRP treatment is mostly used in knee calcifications today. Apart from this, PRP treatment has found use in the following diseases;
• Anterior cruciate ligament injury
• Meniscus tears
• Shoulder muscle tears
• Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
• Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis)
• Tendinitis
• Ankle sprain
• Treatment of tendon tears
• Heel spur
• Cubs pain …

For a successful PRP treatment;

1- The diagnosis of the disease should be made truthfully and PRP treatment should be performed in appropriate patients.

2- Quality preparation kits that can concentrate enough coagulation cells should be used.

3- PRP treatment should be applied to the real area by specialist and experienced doctors. Are there any side effects of PRP treatment? PRP obtained from the person’s own blood,
Since it is applied to the patient himself, the product does not have a direct side effect. It does not harm the tissues, does not cause side effects such as allergies.
However, injection-related complications such as infection and joint damage may occur after PRP treatment, which is not performed on sterile bases and in expert hands.

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