Let your hair get its strength from prp

Our hair loses its volume over time, becomes lifeless and begins to fall out. If we list the reasons for this situation;

Hair density decreases with age.

The wrong products we use when we want to care or clean our hair can affect our hair health.

Smoking, eating habits and other environmental reasons can adversely affect our hair.

Some underlying diseases, hormone problems and medications can also affect hair health.

For this reason, if we are experiencing hair and scalp problems, it would be appropriate to consult a Skin Diseases Specialist first. After the treatments for the cause of hair problems are arranged, Prp can be applied to the scalp in order to strengthen the hair follicles, reinforce hair growth, and stop hair loss.

When the health of the hair is affected, the hair follicles cannot be fed properly, which can cause the hair to become lifeless, look dull and dry. Over time, hair loss and opening occur. Hair life is shortened. Prp applied to the scalp, on the other hand, helps to prolong this period and allows the hair to reach a brighter and more voluminous appearance. Well, how is this hair Prp made? A measure of blood is taken from the patient who has a problem with his hair. This blood is separated by going through a special process and as a result of this separation, Prp, which is a blood product, emerges. Prp contains the rich part of the blood, which we call platelet, and the serum part. The serum, rich in these ameliorating aspects, is injected into the scalp. Thanks to some measures taken before and during the application, it can be ensured that the person feels less pain during the application. This application does not cause an allergic reaction. Because the injected artifact is the person’s own blood. In addition, the blood taken from the person can be injected only to that individual. Thanks to this application, hair roots are strengthened. The strengthened hair clings to the scalp more strongly and the holding time is longer. Therefore, the life of the hair is extended. The application can be applied to both genders, male or female. But it should not be forgotten that; This way is not a hair transplant method. The Prp formula is a supplemental treatment to strengthen hair. It helps to reduce hair loss and support new hair growth. It can also be done with the aim of strengthening your hair strands after hair transplantation. Practice sessions differ from individual to individual. In line with the needs of the person who will have the application, 3-4 weeks of medium and 3 or 4 sessions can be applied. Your doctor can combine Prp treatment with other treatment systems such as mesotherapy and dermapen. Prp application is not performed in cancer patients. After the application, the improvement in hair problems and the reduction of shedding are observed in 1-2 weeks in some individuals, while in some individuals the result can be obtained after 3-4 sessions of application. After these applications, hair loss decreases, new hair growth is observed, hair vitality, shine and density increase. As in every dermocosmetic application, Prp applied for hair problems should be done by the physician in environments where appropriate health conditions are provided.

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