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Lipofilling (Fat Injection)

Lipofilling, which is translated into Turkish as fat injection and has just started to make its name in the medical world, is considered in the middle of aesthetic operations. This method, which was tried on only four people in the first stage in Turkey, was successful. The purpose of this method is to remove the image disorder that occurs in a random part of the body. Thanks to the evil landscape that has been resolved, individuals with increased self-confidence and stronger spiritually are brought into society. At the point of how the operation is performed, a method is used, which is unlike any previous plastic surgery.

The key point of this system is the injection of the fat layer taken from the abdomen to the distorted area. There is also a very valuable point that distinguishes this operation from other aesthetic surgeries. In other words, while foreign matters that may contain carcinogenic factors are placed on the body in other aesthetic surgeries, abdominal fat, which is the body’s own creation, is used in this technique. Although the transfer of the fat layer in the abdomen to a different part of the body requires an important operation, you will see that it is worth the pain when you see the result. The fat layer transferred to the chest is made of silicone etc. used in other operations. In particular, it does not carry the risk of explosion and rupture. This transferred fat layer never loses its appearance and will not cause you any problems in the future as it is compatible with your body.

Lipofilling Treatment

This way, which basically produces perfect results for the face area, has become applicable to every part of the body thanks to the advancing technology. Lipofilling Treatment is carried out by our plastic surgeons who decide together with the patient who comes to the inspection. The source of this application is the transfer of the fat taken from a random part of the body to the other part of the body, where its appearance is disturbed. This fat layer to be transferred is usually taken from the abdomen. In the application phase of the operation, our plastic surgeons generally prefer the general anesthesia technique. You can get detailed information about all aesthetic operations related to beauty in our center, which successfully performs lipofilling applications. You can get this information on our website or from our contact numbers.

This system has not caught the necessary cost in Turkey now. However, when the percentage of success achieved as a result of the operation is considered, it seems to be a frequently preferred method in the following periods. The plump lips that individuals want to have, pleasant taut facial borders, give highly desired results thanks to this operation. This formula is very successful, as the percentage of success is quite high compared to other techniques.

Thanks to this operation, which has just started to settle in Turkey, you can have a successful plastic surgery. If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of a random spot on your body and want a permanent analysis, you can choose this method without thinking. You can regain your bright and lively image in your youth thanks to the operation equipment taken from the person himself during the operation.

One of the positive points of this operation is that the fat layer taken from a random part of the body can have a beautifying effect on the body. Physicians in Turkey can evaluate this situation quite appropriately. Thanks to the lipofilling operation, tissues taken from one point in the body are transferred to another point, that is, a kind of tissue transplantation is performed. Performing tissue transplantation in such an easy way creates a ray of hope for other diseases. It is a very valuable resource, especially on cancer and marrow transplants.

Thanks to this formula, you can perform your lip fillings, breast operations and facial processes without feeling any pain. This procedure has been ongoing since the first day it was discovered. This process, which does not receive the attention it deserves, is mostly applied in European countries. From here, it is possible to understand how advanced the process is. If you want to benefit from such a quality service, you can call us from our contact numbers and get detailed information about the operation and request an appointment.

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