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Lipolysis and Cellulite Treatment

What is lipolysis (slimming and cellulite treatment)?

Lipolysis is an effective local slimming, regional fat melting method. In practice, FDA-approved products that dissolve fat are used. These works do not harm the normal skin and only dissolve the adipose tissue.
Since it shows its effect by increasing the fluidity and permeability of the membrane of the fat cell, it facilitates the exit of the oily compound out of the cell. As a result, it shows its effect by shrinking the fat cell very much and even destroying the fat cell.

For what purposes is lipolysis used?

The procedure is used for deformities due to lubrication, cellulite treatment, gynecomastia, lipoma and removal of fat around the eyes, under-eye bags. For about five years, it has been effective in eliminating the fat in custody, which is called cholesterol deposits. It can also be applied in the treatment of mood disorders that may occur after surgical removal of fat. It is especially effective in eliminating the orange peel appearance caused by cellulite. It is also used in the treatment of men’s back fat deposits and breast size.

In which regions is lipolysis effective?

Apart from the fat in the body, lipolysis can also reduce the chin, fat under the chin or bags under the eyes. It is also very effective in the underarm area where liposuction is difficult. In addition, it can be applied to the arms, abdomen, waist, hips, hips and legs.

How many sessions should be applied for lipolysis?

How many sessions of lipolysis will be successful depends on the person’s weight, age and body fat size. Usually, at least four to six sessions are required to be applied to distressed areas. 80 percent of patients notice the change in their bodies after the second session. After each session, the body resets the fat wastes that are dissolved naturally. In very frequent applications, total fat loss may result. It is possible to exceed the effect you want to achieve in high-dose applications. By observing the effect, application is made at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

It has been observed that the effect begins to be seen after the third week, peaks gradually and continues after 6 weeks. It is possible to see the real effect after the second session. After this period, patients can observe that the thinning is noticed from the surroundings. Although the number of sessions is planned as 4-8, what determines this is the size of the drug used and the size of the fat mass for the purpose. The dose size to be applied in one session is determined.

Is there any feeling of discomfort after the sessions?

There may be slight bruising in that area. There may be itching, some burning and redness, especially after the medicine is injected. However, these can naturally disappear in a few days.
It takes place in the middle of 4-8 sessions.

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