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Liposuction is an attempt to remove unwanted fat from the body. By means of a vacuum aspirator and special cannulas, fat can be removed from the abdomen, hips, calves, upper arm, chin, cheeks and length. Liposuction is definitely an attempt to be done by plastic surgeons. Undesirable complications can develop in inexperienced hands and these are extremely difficult to correct. In the definition of the technique, terms such as “lipoplasty” or “suction lipectomy” were previously used. First of all, it should be tried to lose weight naturally with diet and exercise, if the fat mass in the obvious areas cannot be melted, liposuction should be performed.

Patients eligible for the technique
First of all, the patient should have realistic expectations. Liposuction can correct body contours, increase self-confidence, but never create an ideal body. Ideal patients for the application of this technique; Patients with normal body weight, firm and elastic skin structure, but with large fat masses in obvious body regions. Although age is not very valuable, skin elasticity decreases with aging and the indication for liposuction decreases. Recovery is earlier in young skin after the application. If the skin is excessive and its elasticity is reduced, lipectomy (removal of fat and excess skin together) comes to the fore instead of liposuction.

Liposuction is performed under local anesthesia (only numbing the area) in small areas, and under general anesthesia in larger and more than one area. There are more than one technique under the name of liposuction. The plastic surgeon chooses the appropriate technique for the patient and makes necessary explanations. If necessary, the fat obtained in liposuction can be used for fat injection in other body areas of the patient (lips, cheeks, etc.).

In liposuction, the operation scars remain limited only with the cannula entrance holes (4-5 mm in length) and a maximum of 2 holes are made for each area. These holes are then closed with sutures. Within six months to a year, the scars become pale and vague.

After liposuction, special printed clothes (like Tights) are applied quickly to ensure that the places where the fat mass is emptied are reunited with the skin as soon as possible and the gap is filled. There may be minimal pain, burning and bruising and swelling after the attempt. Necessary treatments are performed for these ailments, and the patient is provided with an appropriate postoperative period. After the attempt, patients can return to their usual daily activities within 4-5 days. However, for heavy activities (running, tennis, aerobics, etc.), it is necessary to wait for the swelling to subside and the tissues to settle (for a period of 3-6 weeks). The state of the body contours takes its final form when this edema (swelling) passes.

Liposuction for Men
Liposuction, or in other words, aspiration-assisted lipectomy, lipoplasty or simply the process of fat absorption is not a method that can be used for weight loss. Liposuction is used to remove the accumulated fat in a certain area, which cannot be achieved with diet or exercise. Men can also request the removal of fat from unwanted areas with liposuction, as in women. In men, fat deposition is usually in the chest (this is called gynecomastia), around the abdomen, in the waist, under the chin and in the length. These can be removed with liposuction.
In this system, the oils are aspirated with the help of an aspirator attached to the end of the tube with a hollow tube inserted through a small incision. The incisions are often made in places that match the natural curves of the body, and there are almost no obvious scars quickly.
The most suitable candidates for liposuction are individuals of normal weight with localized fat accumulation. You should be physically healthy, mentally stable and have realistic expectations. Most importantly, you should have tight and elastic skin. Because loose and sagging skin cannot harmonize with the new contours of your body and surgical skin removal is required. In this case, unlike liposuction, more obvious scars may remain.

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