Follicular unit One of the most important advantages of the Fue method, also known as extraction, is that it eliminates the need to cut hair. Long hair technique which is one of the Fue techniques continues to bring this advantage to patients. In other techniques, there is no need for this type of hair in this method.

How is Long FUE applied?

The number of grafts sown per session may vary and will be evaluated depending on the patient. While it is possible to talk about the number of 3500 grafts in the classical FUE method, the long hair method has a number like 1000. In the clinical setting, anesthesia support is obtained and a painless operation is seen.

Who Can Be Applied?

It is possible to apply to both sexes but it is considered to be more accurate to apply to women. It is also possible to achieve a more natural appearance with this method.

What are the advantages?

An intense hair image is obtained and a visible change will become apparent. Patients are able to adapt to social life in a shorter period of time as there is no need for a hair cut. It is not easy to detect hair transplantation from the outside.

Recovery Process

There is a rapid healing process and if you take into account the warnings made by your doctor until complete recovery occurs, this process will become faster and healthier.



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