Lumineers teeth – dental aesthetics

Aesthetics has become a valuable concept in every aspect of our lives. In our hair, in our clothes, in the decor of our residence, in the appearance of buildings, etc. But the aesthetic issues that attract our attention the most are the issues related to our body. We are in search of an aesthetic appearance at every point, from rhinoplasty, hair aesthetics, facial aesthetics, dental aesthetics, eyebrows, abdomen, chest, legs and even our nails. In particular, everything owned and made by celebrities in the world of tabloids is becoming more and more interesting day by day. Some criteria are set to be more pleasant and we all try to do our best to comply with them.

Among all these aesthetic concepts, one of the most remarkable and effective changes is the change you will make in your teeth. We are all in a social world. Previously, only people working and spending time outside were social, but now, thanks to social media, we have all become a module of social life. In particular, the emergence of the “selfie” craze increases the desire to have nicer words, faces and smiles. As a result of all this socialization, dental aesthetics began to gain more and more value. One of the most popular bets in dental aesthetics is leaf porcelain and Lumineers porcelain.

So what exactly is this technique, which has become quite popular in recent years and is used to create a Hollywood smile?

Lumineers porcelains are ultra-thin porcelain teeth that are applied without making any changes to the tooth surface. In other porcelain veneers, it is necessary to reduce the teeth by one size. But in this process, no abrasion is made on the teeth. In many cases, the process is completed without the need for anesthesia. It is in high demand because no random process is applied that destroys and damages the natural structure of the tooth.

So in what situations can we apply it?

We can apply it in many situations that will increase dental aesthetics.

Closing the gaps in the middle of the teeth

In extending tooth lengths

In the treatment of tooth color and discoloration on the teeth

Correction of tooth fractures

Correction of dental crookedness

Is it applicable to everyone?

Lumineers teeth are based on gender, age, etc. It can be applied to everyone without any random discrimination. However, the critical thing here is to make a good planning at the beginning and to determine the final form of the teeth in advance. Because while solving the aesthetic problem in the teeth, there may be situations where we need to abrade the teeth. If we try to solve the problem without doing this necessary abrasion, we can make larger, more protruding teeth than we want. In this case, both we and our patients may be unhappy. For this reason, we need to plan everything in advance, inform our patient about what needs to be done, and then start the process.

So, will these thin teeth be strong?

These teeth are made of very fine porcelain. However, it is adhered to your teeth with special adhesives and thanks to this adhesive, it starts to process like a natural module of your tooth. Therefore, the things that will harm your natural teeth only damage these ceramics.

After all, we all have the right to have nice teeth. But what is more valuable than that is to have healthy and pleasant teeth… And always smiling sincerely.

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