Mesotherapy is a treatment technique applied on a very wide scale and should be examined under 4 main headings, these are:

1) Regional Slimming

2) Cellulite treatment

3) Preventing Hair Loss and Revitalizing Hair

4) Skin Rejuvenation (Mezolift)

1) Regional Slimming

Enemy of Regional Fats: Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy, which is a very effective method in removing regional fat, is the process of applying beneficial drugs under the skin with micro-fine needle tips to the fat molecules collected in certain parts of the body. The patient does not feel any pain or pain during the application. Needle tips are attached to the mesotherapy gun and applied specifically to the patient. This application, which should be done in hygiene rules, creates visible differences after a few sessions. It helps the patient to get results faster by being supported with exercise, by subcutaneous application of beneficial drugs and minerals, which are the enemies of regional fats.

2) Cellulite Treatment and Slimming

If the goal is cellulite and regional slimming, the drug is injected with a thin triple needle in the desired areas such as the legs, abdomen, hips, around the knees, stomach, side, back, and arm areas. Since these drugs break down the fat blocks in that area and cause blood circulation to increase, when the sessions are continued regularly, the decrease and disappearance of cellulite in the area is desired (on average according to the intensity of the problem) in the middle of 10-20 cm, rapid thinning (much faster than normal) and slimming. it occurs. When the person has a general weight problem, a diet is given together with mesotherapy. Before the diet is given, the person’s length, weight and body measurements (fat, muscle) are taken. If there is a random factor that causes the person to gain weight, it is investigated and treated when there is an underlying cause. A personalized diet program is prepared considering the basal metabolism of the person, daily activities and alternative food styles. It is possible to lose weight in the middle of 5-8 kilos per month thanks to a systematic and healthy diet without causing muscle loss and a diet strong in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Injected drugs are subcutaneous fat solvents (eliminates the pressure on the veins), blood circulation regulators, edematizers and special mixtures useful in this regard. One of the biggest advantages of mesotherapy is that it provides weight loss in the area, does not have sagging problem and on the contrary shows recovery and shaping. Successful results can be obtained when applied consciously in the problems of subsequent sagging and underarm issues due to aging.

3) Preventing Hair Loss and Revitalizing Hair

Various factors play a role in hair loss;

1- Nutritional disorders

2- Thyroid hormone disorders

3- Vitamin deficiencies

4- Mineral deficiencies

5- Viruses

6- Hormones

7- Medicines

Especially in women, hair loss is the conversion of testosterone, which is a male hormone, into DHT, and the loss of some hair follicles by being sensitive to this issue. Our main aim in hair mesotherapy is to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT. After the drug treatment for this, the hair that cannot grow comes out.

The aim in mesotherapy, as in all other hair treatments, is to extend the anagen (growth) phase of the hair and complete the growth.

For this, some drugs are injected into the hair skin with micro needles. In the treatment we apply, there are vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, some enzyme inhibitors, connective tissue strengtheners. You cannot create new hair follicles with the treatment, but it strengthens the existing roots and prevents shedding, and the hair that cannot grow because it cannot complete the growth step is provided.

The aim of mesotherapy is to make the hair look more lively, not to fall out, to grow hair that cannot grow due to the weakness of the hair follicle or hormonal reasons. Thus, it is effected more quickly with less medication.

4) Skin Rejuvenation (Mezolift)

What is mesolift?

Mesolift is a well-known, tried and tested method known in France and Italy, which revitalizes and treats prematurely aging tissue on the face, neck, hands and décolleté skin. It is the procedure of injecting manually prepared mixtures with special techniques, under the skin, again with special fine needles, without using a gun used in body mesotherapy.

This therapeutic procedure has been performed successfully for many years for the purposes of face-lifting, reduction of wrinkles, filling, contour correction, reduction of looseness, spot treatment, delaying aging (anti-aging) without surgery and anesthesia. In addition, the application of Lipo-Dissolve/Lipostabil to reduce under-eye fat bags has recently become widespread.

What are the benefits of Mesolift?

1) Increase skin tension

2) Reduces wrinkles and open pores.

3) Increases collagen production

4) Accelerates the cell cycle

5) Delays aging

6) Stimulates derm layer density

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