What is Mesotherapy?

It is the application of the drug mixture prepared for the determined issue with the injection procedure to the skin with special thin mesotherapy needles.

Mesotherapy Application Areas

1) Cellulite Treatment

It is the injection of the mixture prepared for the treatment of cellulite with special needles to the distressed area of ​​the body at obvious intervals and in size. The problems that cause cellulite formation are reversed in the prepared mixture. fixes it. The treatment is performed on average 8-10 sessions per week. If the treatment is supported with lymph drainage and various instruments (such as AWT, LPG), the chances of success increase considerably.

2) Slimming and Regional Thinning Treatment

The mixture prepared for lipolysis is applied at obvious intervals. Some of the drugs in the mixture regulate the lymph circulation, ensure that the fat cells are destroyed and transported to the blood circulation, where they are burned and thrown away. In addition, they increase the elasticity of the skin and make it sagging. The person receiving this treatment should definitely make a diet, drink plenty of water and increase his physical activity. 8-10 sessions are held once a week.

3) Anti – Aging and Mesolifting Treatment

It is a treatment that helps the worn, matted and sagging skin to regain its lively, bright and tense appearance due to environmental and biological effects. Vitamins, essential elements, minerals, antioxidants that increase cell regeneration, amino acids and hyaluronic acid that increase the moisture of the skin by keeping water are applied. This treatment is applied to the face, neck, décolleté and hands in 3-5 sessions in the middle of 2-4 weeks.

a) The increase in facial tension and the obvious decrease in sagging of the skin
b) Skin tightening
c) Skin discoloration and shine
d) It provides an anti-aging and anti-aging effect on the skin.

4) In the treatment of active acne (pimple)

Mesotherapy drugs for acne treatment are mixed and made into a cocktail. This cocktail mixture is applied to the entire face millimeter by millimeter with special needles, especially on the acne area, provided that it is heavier. 3-6 sessions are applied in the middle of 10-20 days. Although there is a lot of success for acne, anti-aging It consists of positive and pleasant effects in the treatment.

5) To prevent and revitalize hair loss

Mesotherapy, preventing hair loss and revitalizing hair,

6) Stretch marks and scar treatments

is used.

To Whom Mesotherapy Is Not Applied?

Pregnant and lactating
cancer patients
Those with blood clotting problems
Those with significant neurological disease

What are the Side Effects of Mesotherapy?

There may be discontinuous bruising and redness at the injection site.

Regional Weight Loss Methods

New ways are being developed day by day to eliminate the fat that accumulates in certain parts of our body and that we cannot reduce with diet and sports. Even if we follow a diet, eat carefully, and do sports, we cannot thin out some parts of our body. It is especially difficult to get rid of fat in the abdomen, excess fat in the hips, fat in the upper legs, excess fat in the waist area. In such cases, regional slimming procedures come into play.

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