Mesotherapy and its usage areas

It is the direct delivery of products such as some vitamins, minerals, amino acids, which are in need of the skin and that nourish and moisturize the skin, to the middle layer of the skin through thin and short needles. You can think of this method as the storage of daily used antiaging creams into the skin. It can be applied to the face, scalp and other body areas. Different from region to region, 4-8 sessions are performed with the middle of one to three weeks. In general, results start to be seen in 2-3 sessions. At the end of the session, the patient can easily return to his daily activities. As a side effect, mild burning, itching, redness and sometimes bruising may occur.


Maintaining healthy and youthful skin

Restructuring an optimal physiologically healthy skin environment

Creation of tight, bright and moist skin

Stimulating fibroblasts that make collagen and elastic fibers in the skin and increasing hydration

Smoothing fine wrinkles

Regulating skin tone, reducing blemishes

Reduction of wrinkles, dark color, puffiness under the eyes

Strengthening hair, creating heavier, healthy hair

Reducing hair loss

Reducing the appearance of cellulite in the body

Reducing regional fat in the body

Before deciding on the artifacts to be used in mesotherapy, the skin of the person is evaluated and mesotherapy solutions are prepared with one or more artifacts according to the needs of the person’s skin. The most preferred mesotherapy works are; hyaluronic acid, salmon DNA, vitamin C, DMAE, oligoelements, biotin and carnitine. The works to be used in mesotherapy must have a CE certificate. Unfortunately, it is seen that some topical application works, that is, elements that are not CE certified, are used in mesotherapy.

The mesotherapy series we apply in our clinic consists of CE certified, cosmetic, sterile active elements and individual treatment programs are applied.

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