Mesotherapy applications

Mesotherapy is a microinjection process. It is applied for purposes such as renewing the person’s skin, reducing wrinkles, and lightening. In mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes are injected under the skin, sometimes alone or sometimes by making a cocktail. However, it is applied directly to the layers of the skin, not too deep or under the muscle.

It can be said that there is almost no age limit in mesotherapy. Because anyone between the ages of 16-75 who does not have a disease that causes mesotherapy can benefit from this process.

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic process. It has widespread use worldwide. To mesotherapy; complaints such as skin care and renewal, anti-aging, regional slimming, cellulite and crack treatments, spots and scars, hair care and treatment. In addition, acute and chronic pain, sports injuries and some skin diseases are also used for treatment purposes.

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