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Mesotherapy / mesolifting

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Mesotherapy is a medical treatment technique based on the application of a cocktail consisting of active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, base cofactors and hyaluronic acid into the skin and sometimes subcutaneous adipose tissue by the physician with the help of a needle. This method was found and developed by the French physician Michel Pistor in 1952. In this technique, the main goal is to apply the necessary therapeutic elements only to the distressed area and to a small extent that can be treated.

Mesotherapy in Aesthetic Medicine

Preventing skin aging,

Replacing the water loss of the skin,

removal of stains,

cellulite treatment,

regional thinning,

hair treatments

Scope of application

One hundred,




hairy skin,

Arms and legs.

Treatment Technique

The physician prepares a cocktail of the necessary ingredients according to the needs of the person and applies the content into the skin with the help of very fine needles. A mesotherapy session takes an average of 15-25 minutes.

Number of Sessions

Mesotherapy sessions require a treatment regimen that starts with once a week, then continues at monthly intervals and at intervals determined by the physician according to the result from hand to hand.

Side Meats

Microinjections may cause slight redness of the skin and sometimes small subcutaneous bruises. However, a short time after the redness process, the bruises disappear in 7-10 days.

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