Mesotherapy, slimming and cellulite

Mesotherapy ; It means injections of drugs into the mesoderm tissue with a needle. This is the full meaning of mesotherapy. The mesoderm tissue includes the dermis and subcutaneous connective tissue of the skin. Injections are applied to the mesoderm tissue with the help of 0.3mm or 0.4mm thick needles to treat various diseases. The drugs used in mesotherapy are injected into the mesoderm layer. They are injected in very small doses, this is one of the main principles of mesotherapy because very small doses of drugs left to the tissues are sufficient to achieve the desired effect in these tissues.


Side effects due to drugs in mesotherapy are almost absent, except for allergies that may occur sometimes. The reason for this is that the drugs applied with mesotherapy are applied much lower than the usual doses, so that these drugs do not participate in the systemic body circulation and cause any effect and side effects.



The most frequently used area of ​​mesotherapy is cellulite treatment. Today, mesotherapy is widely used in almost all countries in the world with the aim of cellulite treatment. Only in Paris, more than 8000 doctors use mesotherapy application. Mesotherapy originates from FRANCE. He described his discovery as follows; One day, DR.PISTOR tests his patient for penicillin on a spot behind his ear, the next day he spends on a weekend vacation. When he returns on Monday, DR.PISTOR’s patient enthusiastically tells what his deaf ear heard. then DR.PISTOR starts to apply this local anesthetic drug as a local injection in various diseases, especially asthma and various pains, gradually develops this formula so that it combines not only local anesthetic drugs but also other drugs. The points where he made mesotherapy injections were actually the same as the points we used in acupuncture treatment. I asked DR. PISTOR how he found these points even though he did not know about the acupuncture points, and he said that he learned from a physician friend who applied acupuncture at that time. This incident actually gave me weight loss and cellulite in those years. die He gave the idea to use acupuncture and mesotherapy together in many problems, to solve the problem, and I started to use acupuncture and mesotherapy together. DR. PISTOR discovered mesotherapy in 1952. Mesotherapy started to become more and more common in the treatment of cellulite since 1972. The effectiveness of mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite directly interferes with the mechanism of cellulite. Because it is possible to correct capillary circulation disorders, which play a role in the cellulite system, with mesotherapy injections. It is also possible to shrink fat cells that grow due to circulatory disorders.


Mesotherapy attracts attention and attracts attention as a system that gives successful results in regional slimming. We aim for two main mechanisms in drug combinations applied with mesotherapy. Firstly, more oxygen delivery to fat cells and easier burning of fat cells. It activates the lipase enzyme that allows it to burn its contents.


We successfully use mesotherapy in the treatment of stopping hair loss and, to some extent, hair regrowth.


It is used with the aim of skin rejuvenation with the injection of mesotherapy special drug cocktails in various body parts, especially on the face, décolleté and back of the hand.


Pain treatments are also one of the special areas of use of mesotherapy. Such that drugs used in pain treatment are injected into painful areas in very small doses with mesotherapy technique, and the pain can be successfully controlled. Thus, pain treatment can be performed at a dose far below a single painkiller tablet. The first step pain treatment is done with mesotherapy, without the need for any examination, to the patients who come with pain in the Paris medical faculty hospital.

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