Mesotherapy – the essence of wellness; at the end of mesotherapy


Essence of Health; At the End of Mesotherapy

It is the formula of giving the desired drug directly to the desired place and under the skin with thin needles in much smaller sizes, instead of dispersing the drugs throughout the body.

In mesotherapy; Special drug cocktails, which are authorized by the Ministry of Health and prepared according to the needs of the tissue, are used. With this application, the blood circulation is corrected, edema is resolved, the tissue is awakened, and the fats in the cells are easily dissolved and discharged into the circulation. The treatment is planned as 5 or 10 sessions depending on the need of the patient.

Allergic reaction is very rare in this application. Compared to individuals and the technique of the physician, applications with fine needles and mesotherapy guns hurt very little. Bruises that can heal in 5 – 6 days are rare.

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair health is very valuable for everyone. As everyone knows, it is obvious how annoying hair loss is for both men and women. The healthy appearance of your hair is the most precious detail for a pleasant appearance. For healthy hair roots, hair mesotherapy formula, which is obtained with a mixture of vitamins and minerals beneficial for hair health, is the most effective treatment. Applied cosmetic products never feed the hair follicles and do not cause them to grow strong, so it is definitely beneficial for health. The fact that doctors will apply it clearly reveals that mesotherapy is a real treatment.

In order for your hair to be healthy and have strong roots, mesotherapy should definitely be used.

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