Mesotherapy, which is a word used to mean injection into the skin, has a history dating back 200 years. It was in the 1920s that procaine, which had analgesic and anesthetic effects for the first time, started to be used in migraine pain.

The birth of mesotherapy French physician Dr. It has been by Michel Pistor. Physician Pistor administered procaine intravenously to the cobbler who came to him with an asthma attack. Besides the improvement in the patient’s complaint, there was another surprise. It was observed that the patient’s chronic hearing loss improved. The cobbler, on top of that, Dr. He went to Pistor again and asked him to do one-on-one medicine, but when he refused to accept it through the intravenous line, the doctor injected procaine into the patient’s mastoid area (a bone tissue in the back of the head) and the result was positive. In this form, mesotherapy became increasingly popular in 1952.

Today, there is an accumulation of which drugs can be given at what intervals, at what doses, where, and how deep. It is frequently applied in the field of dermatology to strengthen the hair on the scalp, to revitalize the skin on the face and for health, in the treatment of cellulite in the body, and to weaken the fat tissue. It is also a frequently used method in neural therapy and acupuncture treatments.

Mesotherapy on the scalp

It is the delivery of appropriate cocktails to the scalp at a depth of 2-4 mm, along the shaft of the hair follicle (the pore where the hair comes out), with the serial needling technique. It is recommended to start as 4-6 sessions once a week, then moderate to 2-3 sessions for 15 days, and then at least once a month for 3 months. After the treatment course is completed, the sessions can be given moderately, or they can be continued. Regarding hair loss, first of all, appropriate analysis and examination should be evaluated, then if there is an underlying problem, it should be treated or taken under control. The aim of hair mesotherapy is to protect the health of the existing hair and to target more voluminous hair.

Percent mesotherapy

The aim of mesotherapy on our face includes giving the necessary elements to the fibroblasts, which are the factory cells of our skin. Apart from collagen and elastic fibers, the production of hyaluronic acid synthesis, which is the reinforcement of the connective tissue, is also related to fibroblasts, and it is possible to give the materials to the skin that these cells will use with mesotherapy. Especially cocktails consisting of vitamin C and amino acids, as well as DMAE and some minerals are preferred in this region. Depending on the age and condition of the skin, at least 4 sessions at intervals of 1 to 4 weeks, and then once a month, can be a maintenance treatment.

Mesotherapy in cellulite treatment

Cellulite, a disease of the connective tissue, is observed in genetically predisposed individuals and with circulatory problems. Caffeine, and procaine as circulatory regulators; Cocktails consisting of amino acids are preferred to support the connective tissue. In the layer where cellulite is located, there is an irregularity of the subcutaneous adipose tissue that cannot be turned into power. For this reason, this problem can be seen under the skin even in those who do sports. With this technique, it is possible to eliminate this problem to a large extent by direct injection.

Mesotherapy in slimming

It is the system that can get the fastest results in the treatment of deep fat tissue, that is, in reducing fat. However, the number of calories taken by mouth must also be regulated. The reflection of the fat cells in the solutions we give can be summarized as opening the cell membranes and releasing their contents into the middle of the tissues. In this way, the consumption of unstimulated adipose tissue is triggered. The general ingredients of the solutions are soy salt (deoxidize) and carnitine. Session intervals are 7-14 days, and the number of sessions varies according to the purpose.

Regardless of the region and for what purpose, the basic view in mesotherapy; cocktails, which are suitable and special for each patient’s own body, should be applied by qualified persons, keeping health in the foreground. In this case, it should be expected that the practitioner doctor will be particularly interested and knowledgeable in mesotherapy.

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