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Microphototherapy, which is a medical light therapy, is the process of applying heavy light (phototherapy) in a short time with the aim of treating only the problematic area in skin diseases. The advantage of this process is the direct application of light without affecting the surrounding tissues.

In the microphototherapy formula, light is given directly to the problematic skin areas with the special head of the device. Thus, it is possible to smoothen with psoriasis and vitiligo disease, which is especially seen in more finite regions, by applying 2 or 3 times a week. In vitiligo, the chances of treatment are quite high, especially when applied in the initial period of the disease and when the spots are on the face and neck area. It can also be effective in some other skin diseases such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, keloid, morphea.

This treatment can be applied easily in patients who cannot enter the light cabinet for various reasons. It offers an expensive option for patients and children who have been treated with cream for a long time, who have cortisone resistance, or who have difficulty in continuing this type of treatment. It can be easily applied even in special body areas such as eyelids, scalp, genital area. With this technique, it is ensured that the disease does not recur for a long time.

Phototherapy was started to be applied with fixed lamps when light was given to the whole body at first. In this way, light therapy could be given to the hands, feet, hair and body in general. However, patients who had problems in a restricted area could not benefit from phototherapy because they generally did not want to be exposed to radiation. With the development of fiberoptic systems and the emergence of new lamps that produce ultraviolet rays, more suitable for local use, it has become possible to carry out the purposeful microphototherapy procedure. In this system, light power is produced inside the device by a powerful special lamp and reflected to the area to be treated with a fiberoptic light guide. Since it is applied for a specific purpose, it does not have any effect on the normal skin.

In our clinic, a microphototherapy formula is applied in psoriasis and vitiligo patients through a device called MultiClear, so an effective treatment is provided by sending ultraviolet A1 and ultraviolet B rays to the damaged parts of the body at the required intensity.

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