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Mid-Noon Aesthetics

The other day, two of my lawyer friends came to our center for botox and fractional laser. After the process, we laughed and said, “This is called mid-afternoon aesthetics”. They happily returned to their work. Recently, due to modern and fast life, we have to cram every non-work activity related to ourselves or our family that needs to be done during the day. Hairdressing, sports, shopping and even aesthetic applications and minor aesthetic surgery processes… Because every day that disrupts our schedule. our activity can turn into a late ending of our work, late pick-up of children from school, and sometimes a crisis that can be experienced with our employer. But the most important thing in life and the most valuable thing we should not forget is that the most valuable asset is ourselves, no matter how many jobs we have. Thanks to the care we show ourselves, we look better, become more satisfied, and gather the pleasant things around us with the positive power we spread around us.

To briefly list the aesthetic applications that can be made in the middle of the afternoon:

skin care

  • Glycolic acid peels; They perform a chemical peeling by affecting the upper and middle layers of the skin. Even after the application, a brighter appearance draws attention to the face.
  • Skin rejuvenation laser applications; At the beginning of the lasers that we apply as mid-afternoon treatment, the non-ablative fractional laser, which we call fraxel re:store, comes. It stimulates collagen production by creating microthermal heat foci in the skin at obvious intervals. It is used in the middle of 3-5 sessions in the treatment of skin spots, fine wrinkles, surgery scars and acne scars. The middle of the sessions may be in the middle of 2-4 weeks. After the application, a slight redness occurs, which usually lasts for a few hours, sometimes up to 1-3 days. It is important to protect from the sun for at least 3 months after the application.
  • Botox: Although it is used in the treatment of facial mimic wrinkles, it is used in thinning the very developed jaw muscles, thinning the muscles that look like sportsmen’s legs, and sweating in the armpits, palms and soles of the feet. When the truth is done, it gives a bright and satisfied expression to the face.
  • Thermage: It is a monopolar radiofrequency system, and it is a method that provides compression by heating the subcutaneous tissue while cooling the skin surface. It is applied confidently to the area around the eyes, face and neck. Although a measure of the compression effect is seen quickly after the application, the basic effect becomes evident after about 6 months.
  • Percentage hanger formulas; They are systems that can be applied in 15-20 minutes under local anesthesia.

Eyebrow hanging: the fact that the excess tail is slightly directed upwards makes the person look younger and more attractive. The eyebrows are inserted through small needle holes and hung with permanent special threads to the holes made through the scalp. The patient has a fresher look. In patients who apply for eyelid aesthetics, the first thing to evaluate is the level of the eyebrows and then the eye area. Although it is applied in addition to eyelid surgery in the advanced age group, only eyebrow suspension is sufficient in the younger age group.
Cheek hanging: It is done with the aim of recovering the sagging in the cheek area. It is entered in front of the ear with small needle holes from the sideburn area and hung with permanent special threads in the holes made from the scalp.
Neck, tickle hanging: The neck area is hung behind the ear with the help of 4 holes drilled in the size of a pinhole.
Temporary hanging: It is a procedure that we often apply to patients who come with the phrase “My eyes used to be more slanted”. It is tried to restore the temple to its old appearance by using permanent special threads through 4 needle holes opened at the end of the scalp in the temple area and into the scalp.
Lip hanging: One of the deformities that are always present in some people and that occur with aging in some people is the long lip-nose distance. This causes an aesthetically unsightly appearance. Although this situation can be corrected with various surgical interventions, it is not a preferred procedure because it leaves a scar at the base of the nose. In this case, our preference is to hang the lip on the base of the nose with special melting threads with the lip hanging procedure.

With love…

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