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Neck Lift & Forehead Lift

Neck Lift

As the age progresses, loosening and sagging occur in the neck skin as well as on the face. As a result, the angle between the neck and the chin disappears. Loosening of the skin under the neck occurs at an earlier age in people who gain and lose a lot of weight, and those whose lower jaw is small and behind. In overweight people, lubrication is also added in the area called jowl, known under the chin, in skin loosening.

In neck lift surgery, an incision is made that extends from the front of the ear to the ear-chest and then turns behind the ear. The skin of the face and neck is released. The soft tissue of the face, which contains the mimic muscles, is suspended from the upper real with sutures. Excess skin is removed and sutured to the incision in front of and behind the ear.

After the healing, the related incisions can be easily hidden, but this does not mean that there will be no scars after the surgery. Neck Lift surgeries should be performed in autumn and winter just like face lift surgeries.

Forehead Lift

Forehead lift surgery is aesthetic surgery performed with the aim of removing low eyebrows or wrinkles in the forehead area in later ages. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital environment.

An incision is made behind the ear, more precisely at the level, and an incision is made from around the head to the other side. After that, after the location of the eyebrow is determined, if excess skin needs to be removed, it is removed and sutured. With the resistors, the bleeding times are controlled. The technique, which has been respite for a long time, is in this direction. But now it is used in easier and easier systems.

During the forehead stretching process, an intervention is definitely made on the eyebrows. Sometimes operations can be performed only to raise eyebrows. The eyebrows should neither be too high nor too low. You can achieve a new contemporary aesthetic appearance with eyebrow lift aesthetics. The surgery is highly successful and has no losses.

After forehead lift surgery, you can easily get rid of the lines in the forehead area that show your age. In addition, you can solve the problems related to your eyebrows again, and you can have more pleasant eyes. Your gestures enter the system.

It is possible to remove forehead depressions, which are the common problems of many of our patients, with forehead lift aesthetics. Having a depression on the forehead is very annoying for some of our patients. In addition, if there is a profile disorder after forehead lift surgery, it will also be corrected.

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