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Neck Tickle Lift Surgery

Neck Tickle Lift Surgery

Even though neck and jowl lift surgery is stronger than other plastic surgery applications, it is one of the most preferred operations. With the rejuvenation effective operation, saggy necks and long wrinkles are buried in history. We will share with you some information about neck chin lift aesthetics, which is one of the most preferred applications of recent times, especially by women.

The process of correcting the sagging that occurs in the neck area due to genetic factors or rapid weight gain and loss over time, and aging, is called neck jowl stretching aesthetic surgery. While sagging and wrinkles occur on the face along with the neck region in some individuals, it is a problem seen only in the neck region in some individuals. This process, which is applied as a module of facelift surgery, is one of the most frequently applied processes of recent times.

Aesthetic surgeries performed in cases of sagging and wrinkles in the neck region, that is, the formation of the jowl, are performed with the aim of eliminating the jowl and giving the patient a tight, youthful-looking neck area. Neck and jowl lift surgery, which is a continuation of face lift operations, is one of the applications that helps the patient look younger.

It is mostly preferred by women. Because women’s skin is thinner and softer than men’s skin. As a result, sagging and wrinkles occur in the neck areas of women at a younger age.

How Long Does Neck Tickle Lift Take?
Like other face lift operations, chin lift surgery may require a long period of time. General anesthesia is used in the operation, which takes 1-2 hours on average. After the operation, where the smoothing process may take 1-2 months, the scars will be in a form that cannot be easily noticed.

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