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In the midst of hair loss prevention efforts, a ‘stem cell’ recipe has recently been mentioned frequently. In stem cell applications, no external chemical is used, the person’s own cells are used. In PRP Plasma treatment, the person’s own blood is taken and passed through a special process. Platelets are found in the blood, they are the cells that play a role, firstly, in stopping the bleeding and secondly, in the healing of the wound. They also stimulate cells such as fibroblasts to produce new collagen. Platelet-enriched plasma contains more than a few million platelets, which results in more stem cell attraction with the release of more growth factors. After this process, which takes place in about 15 minutes, the new blood obtained is injected into the scalp of the patient by means of small injectors for the desired target. The treatment creates a biologically active fibrin-thread ‘scaffold’ in the skin, this scaffold houses platelets trapped within the fibrin filaments, and in the next 300 days, new microblood vessels begin to develop into the scaffold, as do fibroblasts and stem cells. Thus, the regenerated blood cells begin to repair the cells in the injected area, activate growth hormones such as PDGF and VEGF, which are important in hair production and follicle formation, preventing hair loss and supporting new hair production. The process is completed within 1 hour in total. However, a single session may not be enough. If the treatment is repeated 4-6 sessions at 10-day intervals, the results are very successful. It is Electro Tricho Genesis ( ETG ) Technology and it is an invention that can be considered as a dermatological revolution. The main power used in the treatment, the electrostatic power, which has been used in various fields of medicine for 20 years, ensures the secretion of the growth factor that is active in the development and repair of the bones in the body, and activates the growth factor in the hair follicles in the hair with a similar mechanism. As a result of the research, it was seen that hair loss stopped at a rate of 96.7 percent in the subjects, and even hair formation started in 66.1 percent of them. Just as in the study, the ETG pulsed (low level) electric field applied regularly for 36 weeks; Positive biological effects on ‘hair regrowth’ have been observed. This system affects the hair metabolism by increasing the growth factors in the scalp, facilitating the passage of elements such as intracellular and intracellular calcium and magnesium, thus preventing hair loss and even restoring the hair. The ETG device consists of an ergonomically designed seat and a hemispherical head with electrodes on it. The power is transmitted passively to the scalp by the low-level electric field created inside the headgear. This electric field is created by tiny pulsing pulses of low frequency and low intensity that are used to stimulate the scalp with little tissue penetration. During the process, the head of the ETG device and your scalp do not come into direct contact with each other. The ETG system consists of 12-minute sessions once a week. 6-12 of the app. Generally, hair shedding stops in weeks and in the following weeks, positive results begin to be seen within 8-24 weeks.

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