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Ultherapy, the non-surgical way to firm and youthful skin, FACE AND BODY SHAPING IN ONE SESSION
It is now easier to destroy the traces of time! Moreover, your face and body are recovering with a radical change, without surgery, without being exposed to any foreign issues, and your skin is self-repairing thanks to Ultherapy!


From the age of 30, some changes begin in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. In particular, there is a decrease in the structure and size of collagen, which keeps the skin and subcutaneous tissues in shape. The fascial structures that surround the muscles under the skin relax and sag. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes loose and sagging occurs. The biggest demand of many people between the ages of 30-60 is the stretching, tightening and recovery of the skin without surgery. Some individuals cannot be operated due to general health problems and social reasons, or their deformities are not so much that they require surgery now. In these individuals, instead of performing classical stretching surgeries, the Ultherapy method can now come into play.

With the laser formulas we apply in our daily practice, only a renewal of the skin is achieved. Since no improvement or smoothing can be achieved in the tissues under the skin, there is no lifting effect on the face.

Ultherapy,( Ultrasound Face Therapy (Doublo) ) is a brand new technology that can solve the stretching operation, which laser technologies cannot solve, which can only be achieved by surgical operation, without injection, without the need for a smoothing process, without risk. It is the general name of the system that provides sagging and loss of form, recovery and renewal in the face, neck, abdomen, arms and legs by stimulating the collagen formation under the skin with focused ultrasound waves without surgery and tightening the fascial structures that keep the skin in shape. Ultherapy, which brings a new breath to non-surgical face lift applications, is an FDA-approved procedure, reaches the deep layers without the need for surgery, triggers the production of collagen and helps to create the targeted lifting effect.


Ultherapy is an inviting alternative for those who don’t want to have surgery now.

Ultherapy application

The ultherapy application, which is performed without a surgical process, starts with the device touching the distressed area and viewing the subcutaneous tissue on the monitor. However, thanks to the monitor that allows us to see the areas that can be reached by surgery, the view is taken up to the deepest soft tissues. By allowing the thermal heat to reach the deep subcutaneous tissue, the application head triggers the production of collagen and the lifting effect is revealed. Thanks to the power that reaches the depth of the carrier connective tissue under the skin, new collagen production is stimulated in the tissue, resulting in a strong tightening effect and a face lift effect is achieved over time without surgery. A single session is often enough to achieve the desired result with Ultherapy. Sometimes a second session may be required after 6 months or 1 year in loose tissue individuals with excessive sagging.




Ultheraphy Application Zones

Ultherapy, which is used in the treatment of general sagging and wrinkles in the entire face and body area;
By recreating the face oval, it provides tightening of the skin in general and a reduction in fine wrinkles.

– sagging in the shadow of the neck and tickle
– droopy upper eyelid
– forehead wrinkles
– loss of form in the cheeks
– low eyebrow (brow lift)
– wrinkles in the décolleté area
– chin line

Deep nasolabial grooves descending from the edge of the nose to the edges of the mouth

Sagging and loss of form in the abdomen, waist and back area
Concealment and loss of form in the arms and legs
porous skin structure
It can be applied to troubled areas.


Ultherapy Sessions


Ultherapy application, session and deadlines vary according to the structure of the distressed area and the size of the problem. The process is completed in the middle of an average of half an hour to 1 hour. The duration of Ultherapy varies according to the area where the application is made, and the application made only around the eyes takes 15-20 minutes, while the application to the entire face and length takes about 1 hour.

Is Ultherapy Painful?
Although pain thresholds vary from patient to patient, it is quickly said by more than one patient that it is a painless process. During the application, patients generally describe the pain they feel as “pins and needles” or “electricity”. With devices with special focusing feature, the application can be performed without the need for anesthesia. . In individuals with a low pain threshold, it may be possible to completely prevent the feeling of pain with the application of regional anesthesia or sedation, depending on preference. Treatment is a treatment that will not affect the social life of the person. The patient, who takes the power of Ultherapy, feels the difference, but this feeling is a discontinuous situation, moreover, this is the signal that the collagen building process has started.

How Faithful Is Ultherapy?
Ultherapy, approved by the FDA, whose safety has been proven in clinical studies, has been applied to more than 100,000 people in the world today and positive results have been obtained. In addition, ultrasound power has been one of the most effective techniques used in medicine for the last 50 years.

Does Ultherapy Have a Random Side Effect?
After the application, there may be a slight redness, very unlikely mild swelling, tingling and tenderness. This is a very natural and discontinuous situation.

Is it possible to return to daily life quickly after the application?
After the application, the person can quickly return to their daily activities. There is no random situation that needs attention. After the Ultherapy treatment, no burns, spots or random side effects occur on the skin. In some patients, mild redness may occur, which will return to normal after a few hours.

Can Ultherapy Be Applied In The Summer?
Since there is no random effect on the surface of the skin during the Ultherapy process, this treatment method can also be applied confidently in the summer months.

What is the Difference Between Ultrasonic Facial Rejuvenation and Other Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Processes?
Ultherapy (HIFU) is the only formula that uses focused ultrasound technology and works on deep tissues without surgical intervention. With Ultherapy, it is possible to achieve effective and satisfactory results with only one application on the skin.

Tightening of the skin cannot be achieved by processes applied to the skin surface. In order to reach the lower layers and make focused application, it is very valuable to view the skin layers that will be affected during the process. It is not possible to achieve this sensitive application with other precedent technologies. The purpose of the application is to non-surgically shrink the layer that was cut off during facelift surgeries and to tighten the skin by triggering new collagen production.

When Can I See the Results of Ultherapy?
After a single application, the regeneration process starts quickly, even at the first moment, a slight stretching effect is seen. The skin starts to look better with each passing day after the application, after 1 week you will feel your skin more beautiful, after 1 month the effects will be visible, after 3 months the desired result will be observed. It takes 6 months to get full results. Since Ultherapy stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, the result obtained is long-term and permanent. The visible and invisible effects of Ultherapy on the skin, the duration and permanence of these effects may differ from person to person, depending on the structure of the skin, its response to heat stimulus, age, and whether there is excess skin. It is possible to see the effect of Ultherapy application quickly after application. There is a one percent tightening and a reduction in wrinkles. However, the most appropriate effect occurs 6 months after the application and the effect lasts for 2 years or more.
• More collagen production
• Reinforced connective tissue
• Firmer skin
• Visible reduction in wrinkles

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Ultherapy?
All persons who have loosening or sagging skin on the face and neck, loss of form in the abdomen, waist, arms and legs and do not require or want surgery are suitable candidates for Ultherapy. Especially in the middle of the age of 40-65, the loss of collagen and relaxation in the skin gradually decreases. This causes loss of form and flexibility in tissues. Surgery may not always be required for these deformities. In this case, Ultherapy is a very active treatment.

Advantages of Ultherapy application;
• It is a single session application. However, it can be applied again after 3-6 months.
• There is no scar or flaking on the skin after the Ultherapy process.
• After the treatment, the person does not break away from daily life.
• Non-surgical brow lift, face, neck, arm, leg stretching and body shaping results are achieved.
• It does not require any special care before or after the application.
• Reduction in skin wrinkles and jowl recovery is achieved.

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