Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

What are the causes of deterioration of our skin?

As age increases, we see sagging on the skin, wrinkles and decreases in the brightness of the skin, which are inevitable factors such as the change in the amount of fat in the tissue of the skin, the size of collagen, the negative effects of sunlight, and gravity. Also, if there are external factors such as tension, insomnia, fatigue, bad nutrition, the deterioration of the skin structure inevitably accelerates.

Is non-surgical skin rejuvenation possible?

Techniques of medical aesthetics, medicine, products and technology have become completely possible, especially in recent years, with the rapid development and facilitation of their applicability. In fact, we are faced with the advantages of these techniques being parallel to the results to be obtained with the surgery and the permanence of the treatment, even being less painless and being able to be treated without reducing the patient’s quality of life.

So what are these methods?

Spider web, filler, botox, grp (growth factor rich plasma), mesotherapy-mesolifting, carbon dioxide fractional laser, focused ultrasound, ozone therapy are the main treatments that do not affect the daily life of the healthy patient. The duration of the effects of these methods, the reasons for use are variable, and the suitability for the individual, the expected response, and the season are decided. These formulas are available to be used regardless of gender, and the priority preference and dose may change according to age group and gender.

Can you talk a little more about these methods?

Spider web-thread stretching is the placement of the threads by calculating according to the appropriate places of the skin layers of the threads and the appearance we aim, according to the sagging condition of the threads produced in flat or awned structures called PDO, which is similar to the surgical threads placed in very thin needles or cannulas. You can actually feel the face tightening and hanging during the process. This process is followed by fibrosis (adhesion, attachment to surrounding tissues) by the placement of the threads and collecting collagen around it, which is the main reason for the permanence of this process. It is a reliable and 2-year long way to return to daily life with local anesthesia in just 30 minutes, without the risk of allergy, with the precautions to be taken. You can have a tighter and younger appearance quickly and easily thanks to this system, which minimizes the feeling of discomfort and pain without taking general anesthesia, without being exposed to possible surgical complications. The pain, redness, swelling or bruises that may occur are regressed in one day or 2-3 days with the supported treatment. Precautions such as not rubbing the patient’s face, not lying on his face for 3 weeks, avoiding environments such as hot water, sauna, and protecting his face from the sun will conclude his treatment in the best way possible with a random mishap.

Filling is a way of filling the skin areas that have lost volume due to various reasons, such as the nasolabial middle of the lip-nose, the middle of the two eyebrows, the upper and lower lips, the chin, which we call the nasolabial lines, which we see not only with aging, but also with the use of repetitive gestures. The issue to be considered here is to choose the appropriate molecule-loaded artifact according to the skin area to be studied and to know the actual layer from the skin layers to which the artifact is placed.

Botox, botulinum toxin is one of the most requested formulas of patients who want non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Reduction in skin tension with aging, wrinkles and recurrent

We make the most frequent application to the outer edges of the eyes, which are defined as the middle of the two eyebrows, forehead and crow’s feet lines, which are sagging as a result of weakening of muscle strength with the use of mimic muscles. We also benefit from other areas of use of Botox, such as the asymmetry we want to beautify the smile, the upper teeth being more prominent and the upper teeth appearing while smiling, and the relaxation of the growing muscle, which we call hypertrophy in the jaw, in those who sleep with their chin clenched.

Grp is a system that provides more effective treatment with the help of activators of the plasma (prp), which we obtain by centrifuging 10 cc of blood taken from the person who does not have some blood-related diseases (hemophilia, coagulation problems, cancer, etc.) to all age groups. We prefer Grp for many reasons such as sagging, wrinkled areas, acne scars, skin spots, crack treatment, hair loss. With local anesthetics applied to the skin, only slight pain may be felt during the insertion of the needle. Since there are no additives in the injection, it does not pose a risk of allergic reaction.

Mesolifting-MESOTHERAPY, by increasing the production of collagen and diamond of the skin, has the effect of renewing the skin, tightening it, reducing sagging and making the skin look brighter. In this treatment, MESOTHERAPY drugs, which are in need of the person’s skin, are applied to the patient by being drawn into microinjectors with combinations and doses to be adjusted by the specialist physician. The patient can continue his daily life quickly after the treatment. The frequency and repetition of the session is decided in order to get satisfactory results according to the patient’s need.

Facial rejuvenation with CO2 fractional laser is based on the full scanning of the skin with laser beams, thus increasing the production of collagen under the skin, renewing the connective tissue and creating micro-wounds on the skin to form crusts and slow and healthy shedding of the skin. In this treatment, which ends in 20-30 minutes, the frequency and interval of the sessions are decided according to the patient. Beautification continues for 2-3 weeks after the treatment and the patient continues to see the effects of this system for 12-18 months. As in other processes with laser, sun, solarium, hot environment, hot shower should be avoided for 1 week, never go out without sunscreen that can provide adequate and suitable protection for the skin.

Focused ultrasound allows us to have a tighter skin with the system of transmitting the sound waves of ultrasound even to the lowest layer of the skin, thus increasing the collagen production of the skin by being transported. It is applied to crow’s feet, chin sagging, eyelid sagging, jowl sagging, sagging cheeks, in short, sagging that occurs all over our face. The duration of the process varies according to the work done in the region, while the assumption is around 20 minutes, it can take up to 45 minutes in length. After the process, the treatment process will start quickly. As the days go by, the effects of stretching and glowing will be felt on the skin. In the middle of 3-6 months, the results will be seen clearly according to the skin type, and the effect will continue for up to 2 years.

Ozone therapy is used to strengthen the immune system by using effective ozone gas, to accelerate blood circulation to cells and tissues, to increase resistance to infectious diseases, and to treat infections, wounds, skin diseases, and many chronic diseases. This system, known as “blood washing” by the Germans, is an effective, multi-purpose scientific practice. Major method, minor method, subcutaneous, body cavities, intraarticular administration and the use of ozonated artifacts

meets ozone. In the major procedure, 50-200 ml of blood taken from the patient is mixed with ozone and given to the patient again. With the minor method, 2 to 5 cc of blood is ozonated and injected into the muscle. The dose volume of ozone gas determined by the formula called silence is given under the skin with the choice of a needle suitable for the area to be used. For non-surgical facial rejuvenation, we aim to increase the aeration of the skin, remove adhesions, and burn the aged hardened adipose tissue by giving ozone subcutaneously to the face. The accelerated wound healing and anti-infective effects of ozone make the face look purer, renewed, soft and youthful.

What should be considered when choosing methods?

These methods are systems that are used regardless of gender. What is valuable is the skin structure of the patient, the history of the skin, the age of the skin and the needs of the skin accordingly, and it is necessary to arrange the treatment protocol by paying attention to the expectations of the patient. The main purpose should be to beautify the substructure of the patient’s skin and to eliminate the defects or deficiencies in the upper layers. In this way, it is aimed that the results are satisfactory and their permanence is prolonged.

What advice would you give to patients who want to have the procedure?

They always cooperate with medical aesthetic doctors and act by adopting that treatment is a process. It should not be forgotten that the way of treatment will vary from person to person and the response received on the skin of the person may cause some differences. The recommendations we give to the patients after the process related to each formula are essential for their own smoothing processes and for the problem not to recur. Apart from that, let’s not forget to protect ourselves from the sun, consume enough water, and pay attention to our diet for a smooth skin in our daily lives.

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