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Nose Aesthetic Surgery in Summer

Can you have rhinoplasty surgery in summer? One of the most frequently asked questions from my patients is that seasonal variables such as very hot or humid weather do not affect nasal surgeries. Of course, as in all surgeries, there are points to be considered in nose surgeries. One of the most important things to consider in the summer is to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. In addition, due to the holiday season, our patients should be careful in activities such as tanning, pool and sea. The nose should not be exposed to direct sun rays in the middle of the hours of 10:00 – 17:00, when the sun rays are strong after the surgery. In addition, in cases where the use of sunglasses is not possible, a hat should be preferred when going out in the sun.

After the critical period that we will specify after the operation, it is possible to swim in the sea. However, patients should pay attention to direct contact with pool and sea water. Reducing the workload in the summer and entering the holiday period is also an ideal for the resting period after nose surgeries. Especially my patients abroad prefer to have surgery in the summer. They take advantage of summer by performing both vacation and nose surgeries at the same time. If they comply with the offers, there is no risk of rhinoplasty performed in the summer months.

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