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Nose Aesthetics

Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty), as the name suggests, is the process of changing the nose form with surgery. Rhinoplasty, that is, nose aesthetics, is probably the most exciting of all aesthetic surgeries when evaluated in terms of its results. If one asks why, the functions of the human nose are ‘aesthetic appearance’ as well as breathing and smelling. Your aesthetic appearance; Although there is a perception that it is different in the middle of individuals, ethnic groups and genders, the relationship of the ‘nose’ in the middle of the face, especially with the forehead, chin and lips, is the most valuable structure that determines the character and attractiveness of the person.

How Should the Ideal Nose Form Be?

The ideal nose shape has been the subject of curiosity and research since the existence of humanity. Especially in the Renaissance period, sculptors and painters put forward ideal nose measurements based on certain canons (proportions) and golden ratios. In a similar way, in the field of plastic surgery, measurements are applied to make a nose an ideal. However, when the nose, which is the subject of speech, is an organ that is inevitable to be considered together with the other parts of the face, we encounter two basic problems;

1-) Is the ideal attainable in every situation, and more importantly, will the ideal fit the person’s face?

It may not always be easy to give the most appropriate response in this regard, but it should be underlined that; rhinoplasty surgery is of course a nose change surgery, but there are no unlimited options when changing the shape of the nose. The results that can be obtained are determined by considering the form of the current nose, the shape and structure of the cartilage and bones of the person, whether he has experienced trauma (impact) before, the thickness and elasticity of the skin, and the age of the patient (which determines the skin quality). In other words, not every nose can be given every situation. Do not get discouraged while reading what I have written, do not give yourself up quickly! If you look at the before and after photos of a plastic surgeon who frequently performs nose surgeries, you can see that very good work is done in rhinoplasty by professional hands. Do not forget that all people undergo plastic surgery to become a more beautiful and attractive person. Therefore, the most pleasant nose, the most ideal nose is a natural nose that suits your face. Do not confuse the concepts of natural and suitable for the face. A nose can be both natural and cool, or it can be both natural and stylish. Coming to the answer to the second question, the most sincere answer to the question ‘will it suit the ideal person’s face’ is this: sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. In fact, what makes a face and therefore a nose beautiful is the relationship of the elements of the face (chin, forehead, lips, cheekbones, nose, etc.). For this reason, a nose in ideal sizes may look perfect in some people, but not in some people.

2-) So what can you do to have a nose that suits your face?

In essence, we can say that there are two things you can do; The first is to have plastic nose surgery, if you are not satisfied with your nose. The second is your choice of surgeon, that is, whom you will operate on. This choice is of course at your discretion, but I’m about to hear you say how it should be. Is it the decoration of the practice, the niceness of the website, or the smiling face of your surgeon and his secretary? The best bet and will help you choose; is to look at the before and after photos of the patients that your surgeon has done before. By looking at these photos, you can understand whether your surgeon has made noses that suit the face or whether he has made one-to-one noses for everyone. More importantly, you have an insight into the surgeon’s style and aesthetic preferences, so you can put yourself in safe hands.

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