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Nose Tip Aesthetics

Nasal tip aesthetics is often performed with the aim of correcting deformities such as wide or asymmetrical nasal tip, low nasal tip, pinch deformity that causes the tip of the nose to appear tightened with a latch. In a valuable part of revision nose surgeries, there may be a need for nasal tip aesthetics.

Nasal tip aesthetics can be performed with closed or open technique rhinoplasty. The deformity of the tip of the nose is valuable in the choice of technique. Your doctor will inform you about this bet.

Nasal tip aesthetics, ie tipplasty, can be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Nasal tip aesthetics can be performed alone if there is no problem on the back of the nose and if disproportion is not expected after tipplasty. In this case, the nasal bones are not touched. Undesirable conditions such as asymmetry, height, lowness and width can be corrected by interfering with the lower lateral cartilages that form the tip of the nose. Smoothing is fast. Bruising and swelling after surgery are very rare. It is possible to return to normal life faster than rhinoplasty.

Is every patient who applies by saying “I only want nasal tip aesthetics” a suitable candidate for nasal tip aesthetics?”

The pleasantness of the face and nose is a problem of proportion and harmony. Reducing and shaping only the tip of the nose can cause the ridge of the nose to appear thicker or larger on the nose, which seems to be okay before the surgery. For this reason, it is necessary to foresee the changes in the entire nose after nasal tip aesthetics, that is, tipplasty. We determine that some of our patients who applied with this request, after a careful examination and evaluation, are in need of a full rhinoplasty surgery. In this case, it is possible to get great results proportional to the face with rhinoplasty surgery, where we intervene in the entire nose instead of only the tip of the nose. Talking to your doctor about this issue is very valuable.

Weakness of the wings of the nose ( Alar collapse)

Depending on the weakness of the cartilages in the nose wings, it is a different problem that the nose wings collapse in during deep breathing. In this case, which is called alar collapse, collapse occurs in the side walls of the nose due to the negative pressure that occurs when breathing. This may be due to the weakness of the congenital cartilages as well as the weakening of the cartilages after the previous nose surgery. In this case, it is necessary to put a cartilage abutment in order to strengthen the wings of the nose.

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