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Nostril Reduction

Rhinoplasty is one of the most performed aesthetic surgeries in Ankara and our country. Nose wings and holes are the most valuable units of a nice-looking nose. The width of the nose wings should be between the middle of the two eyes. The wings should form an equilateral triangle when viewed from below. The nostrils should be in the form of a slightly oval teardrop. The oval structure is closer to the inside towards the tip of the nose.

Can the nostrils be reduced?

Nostril reduction surgery can be performed on patients who apply because of their large nostrils. Nostril reduction can be performed as another operation or as a part of aesthetic nose surgery.

If there is a need to reduce the nostrils in rhinoplasty surgeries, the holes can be reduced by using different techniques. It can be performed very successfully with the 3-dimensional nose shaping and reduction process. This procedure not only allows the nostrils to shrink in a controlled form, but also prevents breathing problems by preventing weakening of the wing cartilages.

The size of the nostrils is not only aesthetically valuable, but also very valuable for health in terms of providing breathing. Reducing the nostrils too small and weakening the cartilage that supports the nostrils can make breathing difficult.

For this reason, aesthetic and functional stability should always be ensured in nose surgery.

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