Oh botox…

The anxiety of aging and our aesthetic problems quickly integrated botox into our lives in a cosmetic silence. Botox, one of the most powerful biological toxins known, has become the most frequently used application in aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology. The fact that it gives results in a short time and is a relatively easy process makes both the person and the physician happy. However, as in every other issue, botox got confused with each other; it has become a job that non-competent people do regardless of whether they are really needy or not. When the situation was like this, I wanted to ask my questions to one of the best experts I know on this subject. The guest of this week is Prof. who has achieved many national and international successes. Dr. Ayse Akman. I have known my teacher Ayşe Akman from Akdeniz University for her successful studies for years, but it is a blessing for me and for you that she is now serving in Florya Medical Park in Istanbul.

– First of all, I would like to start by asking about its history. When and for what purpose was Botox started to be used?

We can say that the cosmetic effect of Botox was discovered by chance. It was first used in the treatment of strabismus in the 1970s. Afterwards, it was started to be used for aesthetic purposes in the 1980s, with the improvement of facial wrinkles in one-to-one events. That day is in our lives today.

– Why is it the most frequently used application in aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology?

In addition to the fact that its effect is noticeable in a short time, the side effects of this treatment, which has been applied with confidence for years, can be prevented and corrected under the supervision of physicians.

– Why should Botox application be specific to the individual?

The areas to be applied and the application forms differ according to the need of the person; In addition, taking into account the life style of the person, this practice should be shaped by the joint decision of the person and the physician, without changing the person’s words and facial expressions, if desired.

– Is there a method for the Botox effect to be permanent?

In addition to the approaches to prevent the aging process such as sun protection and skin care suitable for the needy, it would be appropriate to repeat the botox application not earlier than four months.

– With which goals is botox done?

The most common use is on the skin; Apart from preventing the lines to be formed due to muscle movements, it can be used for beautifying the already formed scars, sagging on the face and its length, lifting the eyebrows and eyelids, correcting the asymmetries on the face, raising the tip of the nose, beautifying the sad word, droopy lip corners, contributes to the beautification if there are blisters due to sweating, shine on the skin It provides beautification in color and appearance. It shrinks pores. In addition, it is frequently used in the prevention of excessive sweating, in the treatment of hair loss, correction of the appearance of the gums, headaches, clenching of the teeth and making the person feel good; There are various publications stating its benefits in conditions such as depression and hypertension.

After the procedure, redness and bleeding points may be seen. Fatigue and headache may also develop. Other than that, side effects are rare, but considering that there may be situations that require the intervention of the doctor, I would like to emphasize that botox applications should be applied in a health institution and by a physician.

– What are the situations that people should pay attention to and know after the botox application? In order to minimize the risk of botox spreading to unwanted muscle clusters after the application, it is recommended that the patients stay in an upright position for 2-4 hours. After the repeat process, it is requested not to drink alcohol and cigarettes for 2-3 days. Considering that the expected effect will take place within two weeks, expectations should not be kept high in this process. The patient should not forget that at the end of this period, he can go to his doctor again for a second correction application and that the effect of the treatment is discontinuous and he will have a healthier skin with other treatment-applications recommended by his doctor.
I know it’s hard to be at peace with ourselves in these tense days. But still, let’s try to get over this resentment with ourselves without allowing swelling and more important skin deformations that will put ourselves in trouble, shall we? It is customary that we all have the right to be more pleasant, but while preserving our beauty, let’s pay attention to the distinction between experience and weariness, and let’s not lose sight of the excitement of pleasantness and the uniqueness of preciousness. Stay healthy and pleasant.

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