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Fat injection is the process of giving the fat cells taken from the person’s body to another part with a needle. Although it is often applied for the purpose of filling and removing wrinkles on the face, it is also used in areas such as the butt, chest, legs and genital area where it is necessary to add volume to the body. The place taken is usually around the navel in the abdomen.

In the past, we observed a visible rejuvenation of the skin after a few months, especially after the oil injections we applied to the face. As a result of scientific studies conducted in recent years, it has been understood that fat cells are the most powerful stem cell store known in the body. Stem cells are now unevolved cells, and when transplanted into damaged areas, they can develop as muscle, border or skin cells, completing missing tissues if needed. In fact, the process performed during fat injection is the transfer of extremely wealthy stem cells to the targeted area at the same time.

In addition to providing fat injections, filling and contour correction, it also provides a visible rejuvenation in the area where it is applied. The given oils adapt to their new places and continue to live there. Today, with the development of the technique of fat injections, the survival rate of the given fat cells in their new places has increased and permanent results have been achieved to a large extent.


There are many different techniques and tools to inject fat. Basically, fats are taken with special liposuction injectors and transferred to another injector and injected into their new places. In both phases, there is no need to make cuts or stitches, and it is applied with local anesthesia and sedation. Applying in hospital conditions and then returning home after resting for a few hours is the key to the success of the process.


The success of this process depends entirely on the tools and technique used. Until recent years, it was almost a rule to melt the fat given. However, there has been a significant progress in the last few years and the probability of retention of the given oils has increased significantly. I have been transferring oils with a closed system that I have specially produced for many years. In this system, the cells taken do not come into contact with the air, and they are injected into the targeted area within a short period of time. My cases, which I have been following for many years, agree with me that the permanence rate of my method is high.


It is often used on the face area. On the face, the cheekbones, the melting mid-face area, the tip of the chin, the eyebrows and temples, and of course the depressions on the sides of the lips are the areas I apply most frequently.

We achieve very successful results in the treatment of breast asymmetries, correction of crooked legs, shaping the buttocks, and plumping the outer lips in the female genital area.

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