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The concept of aesthetics; Arousing the feeling of being pleasant, pleasurable and beautiful, finding something that excites the soul, containing artistic elements that attract admiration and appreciation… Catching the imitation of the irresistible harmony in the universe can also be included in the concept of aesthetics. Since aesthetic evaluations begin with visuality, appealing to visual perception becomes valuable. This is why we care about our individual external image. Since aesthetics is presented as an indispensable condition in our social lives and in the media today, aesthetic appearance and elegance increase its value day by day. Bilateral symmetry in the body, harmony/proportion of the parts of the body, smooth image of the skin and homogeneity of the color are in the middle of what is desired.

It can be said that the concept of aesthetics and pleasantness are inseparable. It is one of the broad and mysterious aspects of humanity as well as being widespread and understandable in all nature. For years, humanity has tried to define ideal pleasantness. Pleasure varies between cultures and between historical periods. This led to the belief that pleasantness cannot be terminated by general rules and individual judgments. There may be differences in this belief as well, because it is seen that people from different ethnic groups agree on the idea of ​​real pleasantness.

The first interaction about beauty starts with the outer appearance. The harmony in the middle of the face and body parts draws attention. The smoothness of the lines, the position and proportions of the parts of the face affect the evaluation and this leaves a positive or negative effect on the opposite side. The smoothness of the lines and the harmony of the parts leave a positive effect and affect the connection on the positive side.

Today, when the image is at the forefront of expressing ourselves, everyone strives to have a more impressive appearance. In some cases, when this effort is exaggerated, it can lead to some mental problems. Therefore, the significant increase in aesthetic operations in recent years may be related to this. In fact, it can be said that many aesthetic operations are more difficult and complicated than the operation to be performed on the oral region. Facelift, eye, nose, ear and skin interventions and hair transplantation are in the middle of the preferred operations. The face is a person’s identity and is unique. In the interventions made, it should add a plus price without spoiling the uniqueness. The harmony with the general should continue. For example, no matter how wonderful teeth are made, if these teeth are entrusted to the person, if they have lost their harmony with the other parts of the face, it will be found strange by the person. The shape, color and condition of the teeth are among the factors that affect the acceptance and adaptation of the person. When a perfect harmony is achieved, the teeth made are no longer artificial teeth, but are like the natural teeth of the person. This point is the staff work carried out together with the patient. With a preliminary study, the recommended treatment is shown to the patient. With photographs and image shots, the design planned on digital media and models is shown to the patient with intraoral demo equipment, and with this preliminary study, the patient sees what the design is in the doctor’s head before the process starts. If necessary, changes are made on this design and the process is discussed when the pleasant one is caught. When this planned and step-by-step protocol is concluded, a pleasant and effective smile is captured and the lives of patients change many times. What these steps might be will be explained in another article.

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