Our skin is the mirror of our health.

Having a beautiful skin without health is a difficult dream to achieve. When something goes wrong in our body, we can quickly see it reflected in the condition of the skin. Various diseases, malnutrition, insomnia and tension show the symptoms of skin, hair and nails without delay. When it comes to the health and pleasantness of the skin, it is necessary to hear its voice coming from the deep and understand its nature. Is your skin hungry, thirsty, sick, or under any kind of pressure? If the basic needs are not met, first of all, it is necessary to fulfill them. It does not make sense to expect to be rich while a wealth is wasted. Therefore, we want to talk about the golden rules that we should consider in protecting this precious relic left to us by nature, our skin.

– Sun protection:

Nobody can protect themselves from the sun in their active and active ages. The hustle and bustle of life and responsibilities can sometimes overshadow the measures we will take against the sun. On the other hand, practical measures to be taken to protect from the sun can protect us against the damage of the sun… For example, if you can, avoid going out in front of the sun between 11:00 and 16:00, especially in summer. You can lighten the effect of the sun with clothes … In summer, a long-sleeved t-shirt and comfortable trousers will provide you with more protection from the sun, instead of wearing clothes. The most beautiful colors to choose on sunny days are white and light colors. Taking shelter in the shadows, using hats, glasses, umbrellas, applying suitable sun-protective works to open areas for 20 minutes before going out to the sun and repeating them in the middle for 4-5 hours will protect you against the damaging effects of the sun.

– Take care of your diet:

Conscious nutrition is one of the most valuable measures for people at any age from seventy to seventy. There are a few easy, basic rules of good nutrition: not skipping meals, preferring unsaturated fats, avoiding fried and fatty foods, avoiding refined foods, sugar and white flour, consuming plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes and seafood…

-Don’t forget to drink water:

Water, which is the most precious source of life, health and pleasure, constitutes 70 percent of a young body. As we age, this rate may decrease to 60 percent or even 50 percent. When we look at these rates, we can see the relationship between health, youth and vitality and the water ratio in the body.

In addition to many benefits, water ensures that the skin and mucous membranes remain moist… The need for water differs from individual to individual and may vary depending on age, lifestyle, seasons, climate and other factors. As it is known, we lose 2.5 liters of water during the day, 1.5 liters of which we give out through urine, 0.4 liters through perspiration and 0.4 liters when exhaling. If the weather is hot or if we sweat excessively for any reason, our need for water increases… Therefore, it is vital to drink 2.5 liters of water a day.

– Protect yourself from stress:

As long as you allow it, many factors can affect you negatively. Every day Events in business life, problems in the family, financial suffering, injustices and shattered hopes cause tension, panic, grief and various reactions. Tension, which can cause high blood pressure, heart diseases and digestive system disorders, can also cause some diseases and irregularities in the skin. When under tension, the level of different hormones rises and this situation manifests itself as itching, redness and flaking on the skin. The crusting redness that starts from the back of the neck and spreads to the scalp, the itching sensation that develops on the front of the legs and the resulting wounds may be indicators of being under tension. Depending on the tension, the work of the sweat glands in the skin increases and excessive sweating can be observed in the palms, armpits and soles of the feet. Stress can sometimes cause hair loss, nails and hair to grow more slowly… It is not immediately possible to stay away from sources of tension in our life completely… They will always be with us … if someone goes, someone else will come… But if you listen to the advice of your doctors, it is possible to protect yourself from tension. …don’t like stress, make an effort to examine and discover your life and yourself. In this way, it will be easy to find the factors that cause tension. Do research to find and resolve problems at work, personal interests, family issues, and factors that can make your life bleak. Concentrate on the possible, not the impossible dreams. Many people get stressed because they can’t say “no”. By sincerely saying “no” to something you cannot do, you can act honestly and reduce your tension. You can go to psychiatrists for professional research and evaluations.

-Quit smoking!

Studies show that smokers’ skin is five times more damaged than non-smokers. A valuable cause of wrinkles that develop in smokers is the forms the facial muscles take while smoking. With the contraction of the muscles around the lip, wrinkles appear around the lip and this problem gets deeper and deeper, and thus, with hundreds of breaths every day, countless repetitions of wasted facial muscle gymnastics are done over the years!… gets better late. The water rate in the skin decreases and the skin becomes dry and loses moisture.

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