Ozone therapy!

A breath of wellness; OZONE THERAPY

Medical ozone therapy is a scientific method of application, the value of which has only recently been understood, and is rapidly becoming widespread all over the world, especially in Europe. When applied consciously and by specialist physicians, miraculous results can be achieved.

Is it possible to lose weight with ozone and how long does it take?

It is possible to weaken with ozone. Ozone applications show their effect by increasing the physical performance of the person and accelerating the basal metabolism. Thus, it loses weight by burning more calories than usual. Ozone therapy, which is applied once or twice a week in the form of 10-session cures for slimming, gives very successful results when it is supported with healthy nutrition programs.

Other application areas of ozone therapy:

Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes,

Hepatitis, flu infections and other viral diseases,

Allergies and auto-immune diseases,

Muscle and joint diseases,

Chronic fatigue and tension

Chronic kidney diseases and proctitis,

gynecological diseases,


Anti-aging (Rejuvenation Programs)

Eye diseases,

Wound and burn treatment

Skin health and pleasantness,


Hair loss


What changes occur in our body?

Provides cleaner, softer and more rejuvenated skin.

It accelerates blood circulation to cells and tissues.

It strengthens the immune system. Increases resistance to infectious diseases.

It renews the veins (arteries and veins) and regulates the blood pressure.

It cleans the blood and lymph system.

It makes the skin work like a third kidney or a second lung system.

It relaxes the muscles by removing the toxin accumulated in the muscles.

Relieves joint pain and muscle discomfort.

It strengthens brain functions and memory.

It has a refreshing effect on depression and badness.

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