The Vital Importance of Oxygen

Oxygen is a vitally valuable commodity for living things. A creature that can resist hunger and thirst for a long time can survive without breathing for only 1-2 minutes. Because oxygen is necessary for all living normal cells in our body.

Today, lack of oxygen or not getting enough oxygen is at the root of many diseases. OZONE THERAPY is its mission on this basis. With ozone therapy, it is possible to both adapt the diseases and lead a healthier and more qualified life for individuals who are not sick. Because a healthy life is a quality life.

What is Ozone?

While human beings recognize ozone with the ozone hole whose density has decreased in the atmosphere, they have remained unaware of its therapeutic and wonderful properties.

Ozone, which prevents harmful rays coming from space and especially the sun from descending to the earth, and which acts as an umbrella for the life of living things, was given the name “Breath of God” in Greek in ancient times.

Ozone(03), a chemical relative of oxygen, is formed in the atmosphere as a result of the combination of oxygen atoms(0) with other oxygen molecules(02), which emerges when high-powered sun rays hit the ordinary oxygen molecule(02). It is another high power state of the ordinary atmospheric oxygen (02) diatomic. Man-made ozone production is also done with ozone generators, where peer systems are applied with the help of special devices. Ozone is a colorless gas with a pungent odor and is a chemically unstable compound.

What is Medical Ozone?

Medical (medical) ozone consists of a mixture of 5% ozone-95% oxygen. Because ozone has a very high oxidation (burning) power, it is defined as “active oxygen” or “super oxygen” in medicine. Smoothing treatments using OZONE, an active oxygen molecule, are called “OZONETHERAPY”.

From diabetes to cancer, from hepatitis to AIDS, from chronic fatigue to tension, from cosmetics to antiaging.

Until now, it is applied for dozens of purposes.

Every healthy cell has to meet its power (calorie) needs through oxygen-dependent metabolic pathways in order to maintain its normal life and functions. The nutrients taken are burned with OXYGEN to provide the necessary power.

Oxygen reaching the cells is insufficient due to lifestyle, stress, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, pollution of the breathing air, habits such as smoking and alcohol, or due to aging, diabetes, lung and heart diseases, clogged vessels, or when the normal pace of life is exceeded. can stay. These types of reasons that increase oxygen deficiency can trigger a chain of events that will lead a person to death.

Headache, chronic joint pains, forgetfulness, frequent infections, non-healing wounds, exhaustion, fatigue, weakening of working power, decreased joy of life, premature aging and wear of vital organs can be counted among the symptoms of lack of oxygen.

Areas Where Ozone is Used

1) Medical ozone, in the treatment of diseases, medical sterilization and disinfection, antiaging and cosmetic applications,

2) In the cleaning and disinfection of air, bad smells, wastes,

3) Purity of water (drinking water, pool and spa disinfection) and long-term protection of waters,

4) In sterilization in the food industry, in cold storages,

5) Glass bottle purity and color removal,

6) To increase the yield in agriculture (instead of artificial fertilizer and / or spraying),

7) In veterinary-livestock treatment, increasing efficiency,

8) In the removal of toxins (poisons), in the detoxification of chemical and petroleum works,

9) It is used in the textile department (increasing the vitality of paint and fabric, removing color, bleaching jeans, etc.).

Use of Ozone in Medical Treatment

Ozone has been used in medicine, in the treatment of diseases, for nearly a hundred years. In many countries in the world such as Germany, England, USA, Japan, Russia, Brazil, besides ozone therapy clinics, there are private hospitals that only perform ozone therapy and a chair at Siena University in Italy.

The effect of ozone in the body varies depending on the dose and size used.

A physician trained in ozone therapy determines the treatment protocols to be applied according to the patient’s condition and the type of disease.

Ozone therapy should not be considered as an alternative medicine method, but as a complementary or main treatment formula, as it helps to heal many diseases or provides a complete recovery.

Ozone treatment has the opportunity of easy and practical application.

How Is Ozone Effective?

Ozone increases the oxygenation of tissues and cells. It increases the elasticity of red blood cells (red cells that carry oxygen in the blood) and accelerates their passage through capillaries. Increases the blood’s ability to release oxygen to the tissues; it RESERVES OXYGEN DEFICIENCY by allowing cells to swim in the oxygen pool.

It strengthens the immune system by stimulating it. It regulates the functions of white blood cells (the body’s defense cells) and increases the protection against infections. IMPROVES INFECTION AND CANCER RESISTANCE by strengthening the immune system. With its immune system regulating feature, it is curative in the treatment of diseases caused by the deviation of the immune system.

It reduces the consistency of the blood and provides its fluidity. It regulates BLOOD CIRCULATION by softening the plaques on the vessel wall and dissolving the plugs in the small blood vessels. With its effect on the vessel wall, it makes a positive contribution to the normalization of blood pressure.

With its DISINFECTION AND ANTIMICROBIC feature, it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is a natural and waste-free disinfectant that is approximately three thousand times stronger than chlorine.

RUGS THE PROGRESS AND SPREAD OF CANCER CELLS. Its effect on cancer is by breaking down the membranes of tumor cells and stimulating the body’s immune system.

It strengthens the effect of classical cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy by increasing the amount of oxygen in the tissues (Chemoradiosensitizing effect). It significantly reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It increases the POWER (ATP) PRODUCTION required for cell functions by accelerating the respiration within the cell, and creates a more energetic and functional body.

By activating liver cells, filtration of the kidneys and increasing the DETOXING FEATURE of the skin, it helps to clean harmful chemical matters (heavy metals such as lead and mercury, insecticides, pharmaceutical wastes, acidic elements, pesticide residues) in our body.

It shows PAIN RELIEF FEATURE by releasing the natural painkillers in our body.

With its immune modulator (immune system regulator) effect, it helps to treat diseases such as ALLERGY and ASTHMA.



Ozone in the treatment of wounds and burns,

– Disinfectant (germ cleaner) feature to obtain germ-free and clean wounds,

– By increasing the oxygenation, blood supply and nutrition of the injured tissue by regulating the circulation, developing the capillaries and reducing the consistency of the blood, its effect of accelerating its smoothing is utilized.

Ozone is often used for the following types of wounds and burns:

-Diabetes scars,

-Infected non-healing wounds,

– Pressure sores (decubitus ulcers) that occur due to prolonged lying down,

– Significant wounds on the legs due to circulatory disorders,

-Skin infections due to various reasons, allergies, eczema,

-Wounds that become troublesome before and after surgery,


CIRCULATION DISORDERS and vascular occlusions

One of the areas where ozone therapy has been used most in the last 40 years is circulatory disorders and vascular occlusions. The success of ozone therapy in circulatory disorders has been observed in many medical studies, and the following effects of ozone are utilized:

– By relaxing the smooth muscles in the walls of the vessels, it reduces the intravascular pressure and takes place in the treatment of “Hypertension” with this feature.

It increases the oxygenation of the tissues, the re-formation of capillaries and tissue blood supply.

-It is used in the treatment of “Vessel Occlusions” by helping to dissolve the plug in the vein, as well as making the blood more fluid with the decrease in its consistency.

– It provides the destruction of the fat and calcium plaques on the wall that cause atherosclerosis and is therefore useful in the treatment of “Hardness of the Arteries”.


Otto Warburg reached the following conclusions in his Nobel Prize-winning work:

The main cause of cancer is life without oxygen. The tumor cell is capable of living without oxygen (anaerobic); normal cells need oxygen (aerobic).

Cancer can start with the stimulation of tumor-forming genes called “oncogenes” in the body by factors such as stress, pollution, radiation as well as oxygen deficiency.

Lack of oxygen facilitates the spread of cancer. When sufficient oxygen is supplied, the metabolism of the tumor tissue is disturbed; death begins in tumor cells. Cancer cells cannot easily survive in an oxygen-rich environment.

It has been understood that ozone has a direct lethal effect (oxidation effect) on tumor cells, as well as a complementary immune system strengthening effect.

It relieves the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy such as nausea, vomiting and fatigue; It has been observed that these treatments can be used quite successfully in the direction of complementary therapy by increasing their lethal effects on the tumor.


In all types of hepatitis, ozone therapy has proven to be a GOLDEN STANDARD treatment by directly destroying the outer wall (envelope) of the hepatitis virus with its antimicrobial effect and by providing the secretion of INTERFERON with its effect on the immune system.

While hepatitis A is relatively uneventful and completely curable, hepatitis B, another type of virus, is often chronic. Here, in addition to classical medical treatment methods, successful results have been obtained with ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is also applied in the treatment of hepatitis C disease.

In viral diseases such as AIDS, shingles, herpes, avian flu, and SARS, ozone is effective by direct contact with the virus, as well as strengthening the immune system.

Ozone can be applied in slowly progressing viral infections such as SSPE seen after measles, all virus infections of the brain (encephalitis), frequently upper respiratory tract infections such as influenza and viral lung diseases that cause bronchitis.


Helps in the functions of liver cells; regulates carbohydrate, fat and protein levels, normalizes the fat and sugar prices in the blood.

It is used as a support in liver failure and cirrhosis because it provides the regeneration of liver cells.

It ensures that liver inflammation, the damage of drugs and chemicals used on the liver is minimal.

Stomach and Intestinal DISEASES

– In the treatment of gastritis and ulcers,

– It has been observed that ozone therapy is very beneficial in inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, proctitis and other types of colitis such as spastic colon).


“Ozone Sauna” increases sweating by stimulating the sweat glands and helps the kidney by removing the toxins stored in the adipose tissue through the skin.

In patients undergoing dialysis, the excretion of heavy metals, which requires heavy work of the kidneys, can be performed in the sauna in 15-20 minutes by sweating. For this reason, “ozone sauna” is especially recommended for severe kidney patients undergoing dialysis.

MUSCLE, BONE AND rheumatic joint diseases

It accelerates the beautification in muscle diseases and traumas (such as accidents and sports injuries), regulates circulation, prevents the destruction of the ends and facilitates their repair. It is also used in chronic muscle and border diseases, as it contributes to the strengthening of the muscles.

In general, it is recommended to use ozone therapy in conjunction with physical therapy or other treatments for complementary purposes.

Many painful conditions such as joint calcification and destruction, joint inflammation and osteoporosis

Ozone is also used in diseases that may cause limitation of function and function.

In joint calcification (gonarthrosis) without bone deformation, in addition to other ozone treatment techniques, ozone injections into the joint relieve pain because it creates an air cushion in the joint and reduces joint swelling; In addition, it has been observed that cartilage tissue is restored again.

Due to the immune system regulating effect of ozone therapy in diseases caused by the deviation of the immune system, such as rheumatoid arthritis, rapid improvement can be seen in the patient when used together with other treatments.

It is also used successfully in FIBROMYALGIA, which is a very common disorder characterized by severe muscle pain, fatigue, and sleep disorders.


Ozone therapy can be used in the following border system diseases because it increases brain oxygenation and is a vascular regulator:

-Headache and migraine-type tension pains,

-Multiple Sclerosis,

-Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia (dementia),

– Neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s,

-Muscle-nerve diseases such as polyneuropathy, myotonia, muscular dystrophy, ALS,

– Brain diseases such as spastic children, cerebral palsy, SSPE,

– Buzzing and ringing in the ear,

As in vertebrobasilar insufficiency, it has positive effects on circulatory disorders in the brain, which manifests itself with symptoms such as decreased blood supply and oxygenation of the brain, decreased physical capacity, difficulty walking and dizziness.


In addition to beautifying neurons and muscles, it causes pain relief by acting as an analgesic (pain reliever) in the central border system.

It facilitates the treatment of pain by reducing the effect of the factors that cause pain.

Border blocking can also be done in severe pain with the direct application of ozone gas.


It is necessary to strengthen the immune system in those who have frequent infections and are at risk of cancer.

Ozone, as an immune modulator (immune system regulator), activates the organism’s own resistance (immune system) when given in low and medium doses.

It accelerates and facilitates the phagocytosis event, which is one of the mechanisms to kill microbes.

Increases the number of defense cells (white cells).

It increases the production of the element called INTERLEKIN secreted by the defense cells in the body.


It increases regional blood circulation in normal and scalp. Thanks to ozone, which affects blood, lymph and skin cells, the beautification and self-renewal of tissues is accelerated.

ozone therapy,

-Herpes and shingles caused by viruses; in acne, furuncles and abscesses caused by bacteria and skin infections caused by fungi,

– In allergic skin diseases with itchy and rash such as eczema, psoriasis (psoriasis), hives (urticaria),

– In collagen tissue diseases that thicken the skin, such as scleroderma,

– In the prevention of male and female pattern hair loss, in diseases such as dandruff, oiliness, ringworm,

-Ozone therapy is quite successful in preventing the smell of sweat.


-Wrinkles due to old age,

– Correction of surgery and scars (scar, keloid)

– In the removal of facial scars and bags on the eyelids,

– Ozone therapy can be applied in the melting of abdominal, belly, hip and hip fat and thinning the waist.

-Significant improvements can be seen with ozone therapy in CELLULIT, which is the anxious dream of women; In this respect, it is thought to be more effective than classical treatments.

Ozone therapy affects skin cells based on cell oxygenation. In addition to other ozone treatment methods, cosmetic ozone applications are carried out in a cabin called OZONE SAUNA, in addition to direct subcutaneous ozone injections (OZOMESOTHERAPY).

In ozone sauna application, it is aimed to oxygenate the skin, whose blood circulation is activated, at a high level with the effect of steam.

As a result of its interaction with fatty acids accumulated in the skin, it acts by breaking the fat chains and removing them from the body, increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, helping to improve blood flow in the capillaries, and restoring the metabolism of adipose tissue cells to normal.

Ozomesotherapy has a more successful and permanent effect than classical mesotherapy methods.


With its immunomodulatory (immune system regulator) and germicidal effect, it helps to reduce drugs in the treatment of diseases such as ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, Pneumonia, TUBERCULOSIS, COPD, and helps allergy and asthma attacks occur with less severity and frequency. Especially in asthma and allergic bronchitis, successful results are obtained.


In all heart diseases, ozone therapy is used to support other treatment methods.

– In heart failures,

– In heart muscle diseases,

– It is effective in occlusion of coronary vessels, by increasing oxygenation, reducing intravascular pressure, increasing blood fluidity, regulating heart conduction and rhythm due to it, reducing the load in front of the heart.


In the first trimester of pregnancy, since the effect of ozone is not fully known, it is recommended not to apply ozone therapy during this period.

In treatment-resistant genital infections, the killing feature of ozone against bacteria, fungi and viruses and its role in regulating hormonal status are effective.

-Frequently recurrent miscarriages, prevention of uterine insufficiency (fetoplancetal insufficiency),

– In the prevention of anemia and convulsions during pregnancy,

– Ensuring comfortable menstrual cycles and reducing the effects of menopause,

It is used as a support in infertility treatment and IVF programs.


Improvement of vision within 6-8 months after ozone application in the treatment of various degrees of ailments occurring in the retina of the eye and the visual border as a result of age-related circulation disorders; If the treatment is continued, it can be provided to increase the visual performance or to stop the worsening.


Stress in work life, heavy work tempo, mental and physical fatigue cause oxygen deficiency. Fatigue, exhaustion, headache, weakening of working power, decreased joy of life, premature aging, wear and tear of vital organs are the leading signs of oxygen deficiency.

In the absence of oxygen, dysfunctions and diseases occur in the vessels, brain, heart, joints, spinal cord and lungs.

In the case of CHRONIC FATIGUE, which is the disease of our age, the person feels tired and exhausted, as if he has carried a ton of weight, even though he does not do a job that requires fatigue, and he becomes unable to move. This situation, which is defined as “living funeral” in our language, has been gripping more and more people in recent years.

Effects of ozone therapy in Chronic Fatigue and Stress:

-Reducing our stress by ensuring that adrenaline, which is called “stress hormone”, is destroyed in the body,

-Individuals to be more energetic with the general smoothness due to the activation of red and white blood cells,

– To purify ourselves of the toxic elements we get from the air we breathe and the foods we consume,

– Elimination of lactic acid, which creates a feeling of fatigue in the muscles,

-Resumption of organ and cell work, which is disrupted due to oxygen deficiency,

– Increased strength in cells and tissues; It strengthens the memory by adapting the cell functions in the brain.

After ozone treatment, people feel more smooth, alive and strong. No matter how much they sleep, those who always wake up without rest, start the day vigorously after the treatment.

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