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Pregnancy and Stretch Marks; Do you have a date?


Skin Cracks
Although skin cracks are seen especially in women, it is a skin problem that is often observed in cases of rapid weight gain and loss during adolescence or after pregnancy. In addition to reasons such as genetic, hormonal and mechanical stress, the skin can be affected even by low blood pressure and create cracks in cases such as weight gain and loss. Since subcutaneous adipose tissue is high in the hips, hips, abdomen, chest and décolleté areas, cracks occur mostly in these areas.
Cracks that occur in the upper parts of the chest after breastfeeding and pregnancy cannot be completely corrected even with surgery. Another area that cannot be corrected with surgery is the cracks in the decollete area.
Applications made in the middle of 1-3 sessions on average can be increased according to the need. Session intervals are 1 month. While the carbon dioxide laser alone cannot affect the desired intensity and depth, the method in question can go down to deeper layers of the skin due to its technical features in the area where it is applied, and the success rate increases.
Due to its advantages, this combined Fractional carbon dioxide laser and radiofrequency device has recently been the first choice.
Alternative Treatment Options
Other treatment options for stretch marks include surgery and laser lipolysis.
Knowing which treatment is the right candidate is very valuable in order to get the maximum benefit from the result.
A healthy life starts with being peaceful.
In addition, although there is no fat in the abdomen after birth in some pregnant women, only cracks may occur and significant difficulties may occur, especially in beach clothes. The treatment of cracks that occur in the hip and hip regions, especially after weight loss or structurally, is one of the most rapid conditions.

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