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Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear deformity puts patients into social difficulties since their childhood. Therefore, when corrected, patients experience a very positive mental relief. There are basically 2 reasons for this malaise in the ear. First, the angle of the ear with the head may have increased. Second, the ear folds may be underdeveloped.

Prominent ear correction surgery (otoplasty) is one of the aesthetic operations that can be performed at the youngest age. If a child obviously has a prominent ear problem, surgery can be performed before they start primary school in order to prevent social and mental problems that they may experience.

Otoplasty is performed with an incision made behind the ear. For this reason, no traces are visible when viewed from the front or side under normal beautification conditions. With the permanent sutures placed on the cartilage in the surgery, the folds are again created and angled. Sometimes it may be necessary to file the cartilage or remove a cut from the cartilage. In this surgery, the necessary folds of the ear are created and the excess angle made with the head is corrected. The surgery can be performed with local anesthesia in adults.

You can usually be discharged on the day of your surgery. For the first few days, you may have pain that can be controlled with oral painkillers. In the first week, mild swelling and occasional bruising are expected in the ear. In this period, I actually recommend using a tennis band or similar bandage to protect the new shape of the ear. After a week, you can most likely return to your social life without certainty that you had surgery. In the first month, I recommend using the same bandage while sleeping at night.

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