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What is PRP Application?

PRP; It means enriched plasma from platelet (thrombocyte) direction.

How is PRP Obtained?

A certain amount of blood (6-8cc) is taken from the individual to be treated. After being transferred to special kits sold by companies and centrifuged, the shaped elements of the blood collapse at the bottom of the tube. The platelet-rich plasma remaining on top is used in the treatment. It is given to the skin in a very superficial form with the help of very fine needles.

What is the Target and Effect of PRP?

In fact, it is a procedure used in wound healing. Plasma, which is richly separated from the thrombocyte, ensures the release of the growth factor in the area where it is injected. This growth factor stimulates the fibroblast cells, which we call the body’s main reparative factory. Fibroblast cells, on the other hand, enable the production of elastic and collagen and show its repairing effect. It stimulates and activates the stem cells in the area where it is injected into the skin. This ensures the regeneration of the worn skin and shows an anti-aging effect.

How often can PRP be applied to whom?

It is applied to people whose skin is worn, saggy, dull, fine wrinkles and spots. PRP can be applied to every skin type over the age of 30 to restore health and vitality. It is applied in 2-3 weeks, in total 3-5 sessions. The effect is seen in a short time after application (within 1 week). ). The optimal effect occurs within 2-3 months. Doing it once a year for 6 months is valuable in terms of preserving its effect.

How is the effect seen on the skin where PRP is applied?

When viewed from the face, neck and hands on which PRP is applied, brighter, lively, healthy and blemish-free skin is seen.

Can PRP Be Used For Hair Loss Treatment?

It is widely used to prevent hair loss and to make existing hair stronger.

Are There Any Side Effects of PRP Treatment?

Since the autologous person has his own cells, there is no side effect. However, there may be slight redness and bruising in the area where it is applied. These are effects that pass in a short time.

To Whom PRP Treatment Is Not Applied?

PRP cannot be applied to patients with bleeding disease and insufficient platelets and cancer patients.

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