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PRP means strong plasma from the direction of Platelet (thrombocyte). It is the process of giving back the layer of cells called platelet (thrombocyte), leukocytes, growth factors and cytokines in a concentrated form to the same individual by injection, as a result of the separation of a small amount of blood taken from a person into its components with the help of a separation system.

PRP is an effective method!
Strong plasma application from the platelet is carried out with the aim of repairing the tissues damaged due to a random situation and returning them to their natural state. The body’s repair process occurs with the help of platelets (thrombocytes) in the blood and carried to the relevant area. With PRP, it is aimed to activate the healing ability of our body against damage and to beautify from the aesthetic side. PRP activates damage correction systems under the skin as if there is damage. Platelets are the smallest non-nucleated cells in the blood and are responsible for coagulation. The repair of damaged vessels and other tissues in our body is carried out by platelet and leukocyte cells containing growth factors. These warriors, who migrate to the damaged area in the blood, secrete growth factors and stimulate the undifferentiated stem cells in the blood to migrate and multiply to the region, thereby achieving a natural level of beautification. With the aim of shortening this beautification process and realizing it faster, these miraculous cells, activated by the thrombin in the blood, are concentrated by the PRP technique and injected directly into the relevant area at 4x – 8x times higher rates. In this way, tissue regeneration (regeneration) is achieved with a larger number of cells than the usual level.

The application areas of PRP are very wide.
Ensuring regeneration in aesthetic and chronic wound treatment:
1- It is applied as a skin rejuvenator! It provides smoothing with the damage beautification mechanism in the area where wrinkles and collapses occur due to the loss of some tissues under the skin over time. Through the growth factors secreted in the application area, smoothing is observed in wrinkles and collapses that occur due to losses in the reinforcement tissue. In skin sagging that occurs due to a decrease in the amount of collagen of the skin supporting tissue and fractures, the growth factors secreted by the platelets applied to the area and the collagens are restructured, increasing the skin elasticity and smoothing the skin sagging. The entire facial area; Wrinkles, sagging, cracks and stains in the neck, décolleté area, upper arm, abdomen, leg and knee areas are beautified by the treatment of forehead, eye side, nose edge, lip edge wrinkles, sagging and collapses, and skin spots and scars.
2- In skin blemishes; It provides the treatment of skin blemishes by keeping the working system of melanin cells, which provide color formation on the skin with the growth factors (MGF) secreted by platelets, within normal limits.
3- In acne, scars and cracks; Platelets, which work with the wound-appropriate system around lesions such as cracks, scars, acne scars, and scars that have arisen due to random reasons on the skin, ensure that the lesions shrink and become less visible with the growth factors they secrete.
4- In chronic wound healing; It helps to close the wound area, which is extremely difficult to adapt, such as Diabetic Foot, venous ulcer, pressure ulcer, and closure in a short time.
5- On the scalp; increases the vascularity around the hair follicles, while allowing more blood, oxygen and vitamins to be transported to the hair follicle; It stimulates the hair root cells with the growth factors it secretes, accelerates the hair production processes of the hair follicles and makes the hair healthier. In the area with hair loss, hair loss stops with the effect of growth factors on the hair follicle. PRP application on the scalp will not be able to regrow hair that has completely shed, but it will stop hair loss by stimulating weak, broken, damaged hair and hair follicles whose hair production ability has stopped, and will make the hair appear brighter and more alive.

How long does PRP take?
After the blood is drawn, the preparation of PRP takes about 8-15 minutes. The application of PRP to the skin lasts in the middle of 10-20 minutes. For PRP, it can be said that it takes an average of 30 minutes.

What is the number of sessions and duration of effect of PRP application?
PRP application is made for two purposes with an aesthetic approach. First; It is the correction of sagging on the skin, the removal of skin wrinkles and skin spots, the elimination of scars and cracks, and the reduction of hair loss, in order to eliminate a defined problem. Latter; to maintain the current state, to prevent the deformation of the skin over time.

PRP application is usually applied in 2 sessions with 21-day middles, taking into account cell activation and resting process. After the sessions, visible improvements are expected in the determined issues. Repeating once in the middle of 3-6 months after the first cure is determined according to the needs of the person. The effects of PRP continue for a long time. It is recommended to apply 1-2 sessions of PRP per year in order to continue the effects and prevent the deformation of the skin over time.

Are there any side effects of PRP application?
The risk of side effects in PRP application is not the subject of words because the system is autologous (using the patient’s own blood). Depending on the technique of insertion of the needle into the skin, some side effects may occur. Depending on the needle application, small bruises may be seen at some points. The bruising is small and clears up within a few days without the need for treatment. Some works may be recommended by the doctor to shorten the smoothing process of the bruises. Slight redness is seen on the skin during PRP application, the redness of the skin disappears within 30-40 minutes without any need for any treatment. After the application, the feeling of tension on the skin disappears within 1-2 hours. Normal life can be resumed after PRP. There is no scene on the skin that will affect life.

PRP application is in the group of applications that should be done by the doctor.

Can PRP be applied together with laser or mesotherapy?
PRP; It can be applied in a medium by means such as laser, radiofrequency, light treatments, mesotherapy and micro needling. Thus, activity is increased.

What should be considered after PRP application?
Hot bath is not done on the day of PRP application. It should be used before going out in the sun.

Who can not be applied to PRP?
Those who have low platelet count… Those who are pregnant… Those who have cancer treatment… PRP cannot be applied to those who have severe contagious diseases such as HIV.

* It is a non-surgical, anesthesia-free treatment system.
* You can return to life quickly after the application.
* It takes 30-45 minutes on average.
*The effect lasts for an average of 1 year.
*Can be applied together with other formulas.
*Face looks younger. Wounds are healing. Hair is getting stronger.
* It can be applied to all age groups, men and women.

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