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Prp plasma therapy in hair loss

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One of the newest systems effective in preventing hair loss and restoring weakened hair for any reason is hair PRP treatment. With PRP, which is one of the revolutionary treatment techniques in the medical world, the skin layer is beautified, hair loss is reduced, and hair follicles are repaired, renewed and strengthened.

The basic formula used in PRP is the separation of the person’s own blood, activating the platelets and growth factors that play the role of regenerating and adapting in the blood and injecting them into the hair follicles again. In this form, the hair texture of the person is renewed and the hair regains its structure and appearance before shedding.

The steps of the application are as follows:

– Up to 10 cc of blood is taken from the individual.
– The collected blood is centrifuged after it is placed in special PRP kits.
– After centrifugation, the blood in the kit is divided into 3 layers. It is taken from the plasma where platelets and growth factors are heavy.
– This material, which we call PRP, is injected into the scalp with a special system called “napage”.

The aim of the PRP technique is to renew the hair cells. Tissue development starts in the application area, damaged weak hair follicles are repaired and new strong hair production begins. It is a very satisfying application for both women and men. It is especially recommended to get maximum results from grafts placed after hair transplant operations.
Each session takes about 30 minutes and the number of sessions may vary depending on the hair and texture of the person. After the sessions once a month and for 3 months, it is sufficient to repeat the process once a year for the best results.

After the PRP process, there is no situation that will prevent the daily activity of the individual in any form. Although there is a slight burning and redness during the process, there is no scar on the scalp after the process and no pain or pain occurs. After the session, patients continue their normal lives.

What are the advantages of PRP?
1. Since the person’s own blood is used, there is no risk of allergies and blood-borne diseases, and there is no rejection syndrome.
2. The smoothing process is very short due to its content.
3. Repairs and regenerates tissues. New collagen production, new vascular development is provided. With the restructuring of growth factors and the mid-cell environment, the damage in the tissues is removed and fresh tissues are created.
4. It is a physiological antibiotic with the antibodies it contains.
5. It is rich in hormones, vitamins and all other nutritional elements.
6. Its application is easy and comfortable.
7. It is very easy to obtain the necessary equipment.

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