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Prp plasma therapy- natural way of rejuvenation

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What is PRP?
“Platelet rich plasma” is the abbreviated name of the formula called enriched plasma application in the direction of platelet (thrombocyte). It is the process of separating a small amount of blood taken from an individual into its components by going through a special process and giving back the obtained small amount of “platelet-enriched plasma” to the individual by injection for skin rejuvenation.
PRP is also used in heart surgeries with the aim of reducing the risk of infection, and in diseases such as tennis elbow and tendon injuries with the aim of accelerating the smoothing process. PRP is a system that helps tissue regeneration by stimulating and activating stem cells in the areas where it is injected.
What is the purpose in PRP Application?
Platelets, namely thrombocyte cells, are cells that contain growth factors that help blood to clot and repair damaged vessels and other tissues in our body. When there is a random damage to our tissues, the repair process begins through platelets. In PRP application, the purpose is to deliver a much larger number of platelets and the growth factors contained in it than can be carried by the blood circulation.
How is Skin Rejuvenation Provided with PRP?
The aging of our skin is caused by the loss of some of its physical properties, as in the process of injury. For this reason, in skin rejuvenation targeted applications, we imitate what our body does when beautifying a wound in various ways. For example, we inflict micro-level damage to our skin with techniques such as laser and peeling and trigger the beautification process. At the end of this damage, growth factors are released and the beautification process begins. Dermo cosmetic products initiate the smoothing process through the elements that restructure our skin and synthetically obtained growth factors in a similar form.
When platelets, which are concentrated in the plasma, are injected into the skin, the growth factors contained in them stimulate the production of collagen and the formation of new capillaries, and allow the skin to renew itself rapidly.
The PRP procedure begins with blood collection from the patient. With the help of a special filter and centrifuge, platelet-rich plasma containing autologous white blood cells is prepared. Finally, plasma (PRP) containing platelet-rich autologous white blood cells is injected into the skin at the treatment site. Platelets and white blood cells at the injection sites keep the growth factors free in heavy form with a synergistic effect. By increasing the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, growth factors provide the beautification of wounds, removal of skin problems such as wrinkles and acne scars, and regeneration of the skin.
PRP is applied in the form of filler injection or mesotherapy.
How Long Does PRP Application Take?
It is an application of about 30 minutes.
Is Skin Rejuvenation With PRP Performed By Injection Only?
No, it can be prepared as a mask or cream.
In Which Situations Is Skin Rejuvenation Effective With PRP?
– It can be applied to body parts such as face, neck, décolleté, hands, inner legs, arms in aesthetic applications.
– To provide rapid structuring of the skin after applications such as laser-peeling
– To improve the wrinkles that occur as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays for years on the skin, to remove the depressions, to provide flexibility and brightness.
– To ensure the control of wounds, cracks and situations where the quality of the skin is damaged, which takes a long time to adapt.
– It can be used alone in the treatment of hair loss or as an adjunct to other treatments.
Is PRP a Safe Skin Rejuvenation Method?
The blood taken from the patient is used with the help of a sterile and closed kit, so PRP is a sound application.
When is the Effect of PRP Seen?
A healthy glow appears on the skin quickly after the application. A permanent effect is evident after 3 or 4 applications.
Is Skin Rejuvenation Effect Permanent With PRP?
If repeated every 10-12 months after 3 or 4 applications to be made every 15 days, the effect of the cures is equivalent to a permanent rejuvenating effect.
What are the Advantages of PRP Procedure?
The positive results obtained with other methods continue for a certain period of time, but the positive results of PRP belong to the individual who is applied and do not disappear.
Is Skin Renewal Process With PRP Painful?
No significant pain is felt, except for a slight feeling of discomfort.
Who Cannot Have PRP?
It is not performed in patients with insufficient platelet number and cancer patients.
Does PRP Mean Skin Rejuvenation with Stem Cells?
PRP stimulates the stem cells in the area where it is injected and enables the stem cells to become active. Injection fluid does not contain stem cells, it contains predominantly platelets (platelets) and white blood cells. PRP has a regenerative effect and the repair stem cell has a regenerative effect.

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