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The secret of youth is in the blood in our veins
Today’s man, who is looking for youth, has personally found the miracle he was looking for in himself. Thanks to the PRP method, which has attracted more and more attention recently, it activates the person’s own blood, skin and hair root cells.

PRP is the abbreviated name of the process made with Platelet Rich Plasma, that is, blood serum enriched by clot cells.

Clot cells, also known as platelets, are blood cells in our body that repair damaged tissues and contain growth factors. When a random damage occurs in the tissues, platelets migrate to that area and start the repair process by using growth factors, renewing the tissue in question.

The platelet-rich serum obtained from the person’s own blood stimulates the regeneration of the skin by stimulating the collagen and elastin fibers in the areas where it is injected; it makes it look lively, tense, bright. In case of hair loss, they contribute to the treatment by stimulating the formation of new hair follicles in the hair follicles.

The patient’s blood is taken into special tubes in a sterile environment, a method called centrifugation is applied for a certain period of time, and thus platelet-strong serum is obtained. This liquid, which is prepared in a measure of approximately 8 centimeters, is injected with very fine needles and a special technique to areas in need such as the face, neck, décolleté, hands and scalp. This result cannot be obtained with centrifugation of blood taken into a regular tube. For this, kits containing specially prepared tubes of companies specializing in PRP are used.

The process is completed in about half an hour. Although brightness and tightness can be seen on the skin from the first day, it is necessary to wait a few weeks for a permanent effect. A permanent rejuvenation effect is obtained at the end of 3 or 4 applications repeated in the middle of two to four weeks.

It is recommended to repeat the cures once a year.

Since the injected mixture is prepared with the patient’s own blood and the process is done with sterile tools, there is no risk of side effects. The redness that occurs during the process completely disappears within a few hours.

It can be applied to the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hand in order to improve the wrinkles, restore the elasticity and brightness of the skin, to reverse the results of skin aging and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Laser can also be used to provide rapid restructuring of the skin after applications such as peeling.

It can be applied to the scalp with the aim of preventing hair loss and strengthening the newly emerging weak hair.

This application can also be used in non-healing wounds, muscle tendon injuries and dentistry.

PRP is not applied to those who have bleeding or coagulation disorders, use blood thinners, pregnant women and cancer patients.

Their superiority is that the rejuvenating effect provided is not only aimed at a certain area, but also covers a large part of the skin. When the cures, consisting of an average of 3 applications, are repeated once a year, the rejuvenating effect becomes permanent.

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