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Prp self blood regeneration therapy

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The cells responsible for coagulation in the blood are called platelets. The first reparative cell to go to the injured and cut area is thrombocyte. The thrombocyte, which contains regenerative, regenerative proteins and special structures, quickly restructures and repairs in the region it comes from. On the other hand, it activates the immune system to remove the tissues that have lost their vitality.

Realizing that platelets do this process quickly and effectively, scientists developed special systems to obtain these molecules very heavily and used them in many fields of medicine. From here, the PRP system was found.

Its use in dermatology started with the treatment of non-beautifying wounds, its use in burn treatments, and minimizing scarring after aesthetic surgery processes. In subsequent studies, it was noticed that the hair of those who underwent PRP after hair transplantation operations was stronger, so it was used after hair transplantation and in the treatment of general hair loss.

PRP is a restructuring, restorative, nourishing and supportive application from within. Visible responses are not quickly seen on the skin and hair. After the sessions are completed, its effect starts around the 3rd month, but it continues for a long time.

The purpose of PRP for antiaging skin care should be understood properly.

PRP does not act as quickly as botox or filler.

The target area is the entire skin area. It is not just a local process that will necessarily be done to the point.

It is done alone or as a basis for other applications. Here the doctor makes the distinction. If combined treatment is applied, spot treatment, scar treatment, crack treatment, facial rejuvenation, fine wrinkle treatment are considered together. It does not wrinkle on its own, it does not fill the skin like a filler.

The aim of the person who will have PRP should be to give the skin a bright, tense, radiant state and to have a radiant skin without using any care cream etc.

PRP application does not respond with a single session. 3 sessions are done in the middle of 3 weeks. After 6 months, a booster dose is given. It is then repeated after about 14-16 months.

It is seen that the skin is strong and tense in people who have a regular PRP process.

PRP is one of the most adequate restorative processes, especially in those with thin skin, obvious capillary structure, and those who are sensitive to UV or have UV damage.

In hair loss, the number of sessions to be performed is determined according to the condition of the patient. The sessions may take longer as the hair will respond more slowly to the treatment.

The biggest advantage of PRP treatment is that the person’s own cells are given to the skin, not foreign matter.

In PRP application, it is not enough to separate the blood taken from the arm directly and give it to the skin. For this process, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is a process that is done with kits prepared in world standards and known to be medically active.

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