Prp therapy!

PRP Treatment

*Skin rejuvenation

* Treatment of scars, acne scars, cracks and blemishes that take a long time to adapt

* Treatment of hair loss

* Rejuvenation of the skin of the hand, foot, back and décolleté area

It is a very new skin rejuvenation treatment that provides cell rejuvenation by using PRP platelet-powered plasma, which is applied both for wrinkles and sagging on your face, which occurs with the age of 30s and increases in the 40s, and for the loosening of the skin tissue of different parts of the body.

Another most valuable effect of PRP Treatment is on the beautification of scars such as permanent scars, acne and chickenpox on the skin. The treatment shows its results in a short time, such as 2 weeks.

The aging of our skin can be compared to injury in a sense. Tissues use platelets to repair themselves. Platelets are the triggers that initiate the restructuring and rejuvenation process in tissues.


When a random damage occurs in our tissues, our blood starts a repair process by collecting platelets to this tissue. The purpose of PRP application is to give the tissue a much larger number of platelets than can be carried by the blood circulation. Thus, the repair of the damaged tissue starts as quickly and strongly and results in a faster way. Because the density of platelets obtained with PRP is 2 to 4 times higher than that in blood.

Platelets are called platelets. These cells are the cells that play a valuable role in wound healing in our body. In the PRP treatment, the cells are stimulated by injecting the rich plasma of the individuals from the bioactive platelets (strong plasma secreted from the platelet containing growth factors) into the dermis layer of the skin.

The application form of PRP treatment, which is applied with the person’s own blood, consists of placing the person’s blood in a special kit and separating the plates, and then administering the platelet-rich plasma to the skin by means of tiny injections.

The way to make the skin look healthy and young is to rejuvenate it in a natural and permanent way by increasing the number of elastic and collagen fibers of the skin. PRP increases the self-repair activity of the cell with cell stimulation. In addition, it increases the moisture rate of the skin by controlling the metabolic events that ensure the continuation of the cell’s vitality.

In fact, it is a known fact in recent years that stem cells are directed to that tissue through the blood in order to repair the diseased or injured tissue in their repair system. Since this completely physiological and natural process can be slow in terms of its reparative effect, it is aimed to accelerate the beautification process by giving the strong blood from the stem cells directly and heavily to the sick or injured tissue in studies on stem cells. One-to-one rejuvenation is injected heavily and directly into the targeted skin tissue within the desired skin tissue. With this system called PRP treatment, we provide skin rejuvenation on the face, neck, décolleté, inner thighs, upper knees and abdomen, as well as on the hands and feet.


The signs of aging appear on the hands as well as on the face. In general, wrinkle and skin treatments without a scalpel are limited in rejuvenating the décolleté and the backs of the hands.

PRP treatment developed against sagging and wrinkles by creating a lifting effect on the skin also provides solutions to this problem.


PRP treatment gives the skin a healthy and bright appearance quickly after the application. After 3-4 applications, the permanent effect becomes obvious.

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