Prp therapy (platelet rich plasma)

PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a medical process that enables the use of the part obtained by separating white blood cells and platelets and passing them through a micron filter. The pure part used in this process is obtained from the person’s own blood. PRP, which is a completely natural system, accelerates the natural normal tissue smoothing process. General target; reconstructs the skin, wrinkles and cavities permanently. A measure of blood taken from the person, after a team goes through the processes, the heavy part of the separated platelets is applied to the skin with a small needle injection. In anti-aging applications, photo-aging, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, scar-burn scars, deterioration of facial contour due to collagen and elastin loss and wrinkles are treated with this system. Since it is a system that can be applied faithfully and quickly, it can be preferred together with other applications or alone. The total number of sessions determined according to the need for the back and then the middle sessions determined according to the need for the skin again are arranged by the doctor.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatments: provides recovery of loose and sagging tissues and removal of wrinkles. It may also be included in a program combined with other treatments with this goal.

Treatment of Body Cracks: With its tissue-repairing effect, it helps the treatment by forming new connective tissue with the activation of the disintegrated tissues in the skin cracks. The treatment of cracks is always done with the use of several systems. It can be combined with other methods to create more pleasant results.

Spot Treatments: It is a very effective treatment in the treatment of spots that develop for defense purposes, especially on the skin damaged by the sun, since the damage to the skin tissue is repaired.

Acne Scars and Scars: Here too, it will be more real to use PRP in combination with other methods. After the scars are consulted by the doctor, the most appropriate and true combined treatment is planned and applied.

Hair Loss: With PRP treatment, weakened hair follicles become active again, they begin to produce more vibrant, shiny and strong hair, and shedding returns to normal.

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