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Pubis Stretch

The hairy upper part of the female genitalia is medically called Mons Pubis. This zone can be provided for different reasons. In the clothing, swelling in the relevant area and an obvious rough appearance occur. This problem can be solved with plastic surgery.

Mons pubis Surgery

It is possible to get rid of fat with liposuction, which is a degreasing method. Excess oil is removed with this method and tension is created. It is completed in about 1 hour in the hospital. It doesn’t cause pain.


Edema occurs for about a month. Then the smoothing is complete.

Causes of lubrication of the hairy area above the vagina:

After birth, weight gain and loss, genetic factors, obesity can be seen due to reasons such as fat. In the usual liposuction application, an incision of 1 – 2 cm is opened. Over time, this trace disappears.


Many people think that they will get rid of this problem by losing weight. It betrays the ladies in swimwear and presents an unpleasant sight.

The desire to lose excess weight, to look thin, and to have an aesthetic appearance even in the vagina areas has caused plastic surgeries to come down to these regions. It should be noted that Mons Pubis surgery is a surgical procedure.

Pubis Aesthetics

Evaluation is provided while the patient is standing. The extent of sagging and enlargement of the outer lip are noted. The lubrication measure is calculated. Satisfaction is often complete in this surgery. Few patients with recurrence have been seen.

Note: Individuals who are not specialists at the time of the forehead should not be operated on. Also, attention should be paid to cleanliness and care.

The best surgeon is the one who can diagnose the truth at first glance. For this reason, an operation should never be performed with a doctor who gives an exaggerated rate and guarantees 100% satisfaction, 0 oil, while a slight lubrication is the subject of speech.

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