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Questions and Answers in Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Questions and Answers in Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Is There Any Opening After Thread Ear Aesthetics?

Prominent ear aesthetics is a process that is applied in cases of prominent ear deformity, as it is known. The formed deformities are corrected with the help of this process. Ear aesthetic surgeries performed with thread is an effective technique that provides quite adequate results.

After this aesthetic application, there may be a problem of opening in a very small part of 1% of the patients. The reason for this is generally; It happens with the impacts that occur with the accidents that can be described as unfortunate accidents that are experienced quickly after the application. By applying revision treatments, these setbacks can be quickly eliminated by repeating the process.

Why Prominent Ear Aesthetics is Performed?

These conditions, which are defined as prominent ear deformities, are generally; occur due to genetic reasons. These deformations can be quickly removed by applying aesthetics. Prominent ear surgeries are defined as “Otoplasty” in medicine. As a result of these applications, permanent solutions are provided to the problems. This problem is the leading cause of disorders in the ear parts of individuals.

Ears are organs that complete the aesthetic appearance of the face. When this completion process does not occur in a healthy state, it can cause some mental problems in the individual. If the individual has problems in this respect, it is the most appropriate behavior to be informed about these treatments as soon as possible. Covering the problem with hair is discontinuous.

Childhood individuals pay the heaviest price in terms of psychological problems. For this reason, it is very valuable to solve this problem permanently at the first opportunity, starting from the age of 5-6, which is the period when the ears complete their cartilage development. Thanks to the aforementioned surgeries, the mental states of individuals whose psychology is not very healthy improve in a very short time. In addition, these surgeries are vital because they eliminate a problem.

In which period does the prominent ear problem begin?

Prominent ear deformation actually begins to occur when the baby is in the mother’s womb. For this reason, it can be observed that the ears are prominent with the birth. This problem, which can be observed in infancy, can be resolved if it is intervened within 72 hours from the birth. The reason why this situation can be achieved quickly; Estrogen is the hormone that passes to the baby at birth. During the process, babies’ ear cartilages are in soft form. In this way, thanks to special wires and bands that can be used on the ears, the correction process can be achieved.

If the process mentioned above has not been applied in infancy; It should be waited until the age of 5-6, which is the period when the ear development is completed, and then the prominent ear aesthetic process should be performed.

When Is The Earliest Period When Prominent Ear Surgery Is Applicable?

The prominent ear deformation problem draws attention in the society, especially because of the deformity. If this problem has arisen from birth; indicates that the condition is genetic.

The development of the ear, that is, the formation of cartilage tissues, continues until the age of 5-6. In this process, social disorders can be seen in some of the children with prominent ear deformation problem. In other words, it can be observed that they are in a position to cut off contact with their social environment. Experts recommend that children be operated before they reach school age, so that this problem does not cause even greater problems.

Prominent ear surgeries are operations that can be applied to every individual who has completed ear development. However, the advice of experts in this regard is to have this surgery done before the child starts school.

Can Prominent Ear Condition be Removed Without Surgery?

In the path of prominent ear aesthetics with thread, which has been developed and continues to develop, the operation is performed without incision. This process is also called “Rope Hanging Method”. In addition, with this process, not only prominent ear correction is made; This process can be applied quickly to the tip of the nose and eyebrows. After the correction process quickly, patients can return to their daily lives.

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