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Cavitation is a physical effect that occurs when a sonic wave passes through a fluid or semi-fluid matter. The sonic wave creates micro-vacuum bubbles, thanks to the shock wave created by the explosion of these bubbles, a movement is seen in the surrounding tissue.

Cavitation process and effects

What is done with cavitation in the branch of aesthetic medicine and professional beauty is the destruction of the tissues formed together with the vascular and lymphatic system, which are produced by the normal metabolic means of the liver and kidneys, including the triglycerides, by the breakdown of the membranes of the fat cells in the adipocyte tissue, where fat is stored in the body. Simultaneously, thermal, mechanical and chemical reflections are observed in the application area. Thanks to the heat given, fibroblasts are formed that allow the production of new collagen and elastin, and thanks to these, there are visible improvements in the vascular structure and trophism in the tissues. The mechanical action creates a pressure increase that increases the permeability of the adipocyte tissue, thereby regulating the sieving and drainage of the catabolites formed. For these reasons, cavitation can be easily used in body shaping applications on arms, hips, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees and wrists.

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