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Revitalize your faded hair

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While some of us have thicker and thicker hair genetically, some of us have to deal with thin and voluminous hair. In addition, fine hair is more sensitive to conditions and artifacts that are known to damage the hair, such as tension, air pollution, curling irons, sun rays, and dye. In such cases, if you do not care properly, shedding may increase by breaking off, hair follicles may weaken and your hair may lose its volume.

Here are tips to avoid being exposed to such situations…

Layered cuts

Layered sections make your hair look voluminous. Especially if the hair is long, we need them. Uncoated hair looks heavy and thin. Layers animate your hair and make it look thick.

Medium to straightener

If you straighten your hair often, you can reconsider your hairstyle. Straightening softens your hair and makes it look thinner. It can also cause hair breakage. To avoid these setbacks, do not apply high heat to your hair. In this way, you can achieve the image you want with your hair in a short time.

behind the ear

This is an easy but neat trick. After getting your hair done, you can get a fuller look if you pass one side behind your ear and collect your hair on one side. Especially if you have a curly hair, you can get more suitable results.

fluffy hair

Fluffing your hair is a very effective way to achieve a thick hair look. You can have a thick-wire appearance by lifting your fluffy hair up with the help of the crown. While doing this, do not forget to get help from a good hairspray and brush.

collect from the top

To make your hair look more lush and voluminous, choose models from above. Bun, tongs, ponytail will help you a lot in this regard… A hairspray, these hairstyles you make add voluminous textures to your hair and provide permanence.


If you have wavy hair, adopt it. Natural wave makes hair look thicker. If you do not have wavy hair, you can use cream or sea salt sprays to wave.


Everyone should use the works that are suitable for them. For example, owners of dry or oily hair should use products according to their own hair. You can use products that support your hair. This way, you can make your hair look thick.

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