Revolution in hair loss treatment with autologous micro graft technique!

Hair follicle structures are different from our other organs. They grow, their growth processes regress, they fall out and can make themselves again. For this reason, unlike other organs, there are cells in their structures that will ensure their regeneration. Studies have shown that this regeneration ability is located in the dermal papilla of the hair follicle and in the hair follicle sheath.

Technologies used in hair transplantation and methods used in hair loss are increasing rapidly. In recent years, attention has focused on the regeneration of hair follicle cells, stem cells originating from skin or adipose tissue, and hair growth factors. Hair loss treatments are now starting to build on them.

What are the effects of the Autologous Micro Graft System on Shedding Hair?

The working principle of the Autologous Micro Graft System is to provide a strong reinforcement for the strengthening and self-renewal of the hair follicle cell by obtaining the stem cells and supplementary tissue cells, which are needed for the regeneration of the weakened hair follicle and for it to be healthier, from the person’s own hair follicle and skin tissue.

How is the application done?

The effect of hair loss in men and women is generally seen in the upper parts of the scalp, namely the forehead or peak areas. However, the hair follicles in the nape and behind the ear are quickly genetically coded to stay resistant and healthy at all times. A small group of hair cells to be taken is crumbled into small particles in a special kit. Hair follicles are transformed into a special wonderful cell suspension in the Regenera Activa system, and a special hair loss treatment is prepared entirely from your own tissue. Treatment is usually a single session 2. A session may be needed after a few years, presumably. With these treatments, hair loss will stop and even new hair will grow. Extremely successful results are obtained with this procedure, which is approved by the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration).

Can Regenera Activa be applied to everyone?

In general, if the cause of hair loss is not due to an infection, which is a very rare condition, it can be applied to women and everyone, even it can be applied to hair that is exposed to very frequent cosmetic application, dye or hairdressing processes, even for the purpose of abutment.

Is Autologous Micro Graft Formula (Regenera Activa) an Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

It is definitely not an alternative, on the contrary, it is a helpful and valuable way, especially male patients with hair loss at a young age have to wait until the age of 25-27 for hair transplantation. In this period, slowing and reducing the loss with a valuable treatment system such as Regenera Activa is very valuable. In addition, this method, which is prepared by using only 3-4 of the thousands of hair follicles taken during the Hair Transplant application, is a very valuable supplement for both rapid beautification and rapid and strong growth of the transplanted hair.

Does Regenera Activa have uses other than Hair Treatments?

In the field of Cosmetics and Aesthetics, it is frequently used in the sense of reducing wrinkles, that is, Anti-Aging. The preparation and application takes a total of 30-40, and the single-session treatment provides a great advantage in terms of usage practice.

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